Republican Race Between Steve Toth & US Rep. Kevin Brady Turns Defamatory

Conservative voters have been witnessing a lot of mud-slinging lately, and not just from presidential candidates. A recent ad by 8th Congressional District challenger Steve Toth has been making some surprising accusations, and even described by FOX 26 and political analysts as being “grossly misleading.”

Toth claims Brady voted to grant Texas High Speed Rail Authority the power to seize private land under eminent domain.

“He voted for the Texas High Speed Rail Act – he didn’t just vote for it, he authored it when he was in the Texas Legislature,” Toth claims.

Not so, says Brady.

“All of this is just flat wrong,” said U.S. Rep. Brady to FOX 26 News. “As you know, I led the fight against the Bullet train in the 1990s and we fought hard with laws in the legislature to stop eminent domain, that’s why in the end we succeeded.”

FOX 26 examined House Bill 1805, the Brady legislation referred to in the Toth political ad, and found it was clearly meant to stop private land seizure, not enable it.

Rice University political analyst Mark Jones explains, “This is either a mistake or an attempt to mislead the voters because what’s quite clear from the legislative record is what Kevin Brady was attempting to do in 1993 was to strip the Texas High Speed Rail Authority of its power of eminent domain that it was given in the 1989 Texas High Speed Rail Act.”

In addition, Brady has been officially endorsed by Texas Right To Life.


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