Spring Husband & Wife Team Up To Fight Childhood Cancer With St. Baldrick’s

On Sunday, March 13, at 3 PM, something humorously entertaining yet touchingly inspiring is going down at The Goose’s Acre Bistro & Irish Pub in The Woodlands. Uniting with many other good souls from across the Greater North Houston area, two Spring, Texas residents – who also happen to be the proud parents of two beautiful young daughters – Christopher and Candace Millard are shaving their heads to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

“I started out wanting to raise $500,” says Chris, “but since I went over that, I upped it to $750. If I reach $750 I’m going to shave my beard also. Haven’t been completely clean shaven since 2013!”

St. Baldrick’s first launched as a head-shaving event, and these events have continued to be the signature event of the Foundation. “Shavees” ask friends and family to make donations “on their head” and in return, they have their heads shaved in a show of solidarity with kids fighting cancer. Since 2000 more than 390,000 shavees — including over 49,000 women — have shaved their heads at 9,000 events, raising critical funds for childhood cancer research.

Mar 13, 2016, 3:00 pm
The Goose’s Acre Bistro & Irish Pub
21 Waterway Drive, The Woodlands, TX
Click Here For Event Website

So how did Chris and Candace get involved in St. Baldrick’s? Well, Chris is a member of BNI Crossroads, a business networking group that meets weekly at Crescent Moon Wine Bar in The Woodlands. At BNI Crossroads, Chris represents the home water filtration company where he serves as General Manager, GeniSoft Water Systems.

Jaci Chatham-DeVita of J. Hues Salon is also a member of BNI Crossroads, and she’s been working with St. Baldrick’s for a decade. Jaci and her staff are donating their time as Shavers of the Shavees, and have enlisted the help of their BNI friends in raising funds for the organization.

“Candace has raised $250 and I am currently at $605,” explains Chris. “We are trying to raise $1000 between the two of us. I normally keep my hair short. It has actually been killing me to grow it as long as it is. But Candace is a different story!”

Indeed, Candace has a good foot or more of honey-brown locks that she’ll be shaving completely off in exchange for donations.

Learn More About St. Baldrick’s Gooses’ Acre Event: www.StBaldricks.org/Events/mypage/190/2016

Donate With Chris: www.StBaldricks.org/Participants/mypage/823427/2016

Donate With Candace: www.StBaldricks.org/Participants/mypage/828690/2016

Learn More About BNI Crossroads

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