Midland Police Stand Strong With Injured Texas Boy, Zalend Thames

This is a wonderful story from our boys in blue in Midland, Texas! 9 year old Zalend  Thames recently lost a finger in an accident, and the injury has left the poor kid very self-conscious.

Enter the Midland Police Department

We all know being a kid is hard enough without extra reasons for bullies to tease and strangers to ask tactless questions. So, on Thursday, March 3rd, Midland PD posted the following photo and note to their Facebook page:

Hey Midland, meet 9-year-old Zalend! It took a lot of courage for him to take this picture. Zalend recently lost part of his index finger in an accident and has been afraid to show others his injury. Lt. Rackow and Officer Edwards met with Zalend to show him that he’s not alone, and to let him know despite any obstacle, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. We are proud to call you our friend, Z. Let’s hear it for Zalend!

But little Zalend’s challenges don’t stop at insecurity. The accident that claimed his finger also nearly severed his thumb, causing severe bleeding and requiring – not only emergency surgery – but a Life Flight helicopter to take him to the hospital.

Zalend’s parents, who couldn’t afford health insurance before the accident, are now stuck with medical bills exceeding. $150,000.00!

If you’d like to help Zalend’s folks out financially, or just leave them a note of encouragement, you can do so on Zalend’s GoFundMe Page which is managed by his grandparents.

Click to View Zalend Thames’ Medical Fund


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