9 Year Old Houston Boy Wins Drive Chip & Putt At Augusta Masters Golf Tournament

9 year old Stephen Hernandez charismatically declared himself “the first Mexican to win a Drive, Chip and Putt” in the Pre-Masters Tournament golf competition on Sunday. The spunky Garden Oaks Montessori student did a whoop and a fist pump, stealing the spotlight during an adorable and very enthusiastic press interview with NBC Golf Channel.

“I don’t know what happened! Stephen exclaimed. “This is a dream!”

While national golf fans, sports commentators, and viewers may have been enamored by Stephen’s extroversion and skill, the win came as no surprise to his friends and family back home in Houston.

Glenn Childers, Director of Memorial Park Golf Course says that Stephen has always shone on the green and never shied from the spotlight. In fact, Glenn is already planning on a celebration of Stephen’s latest victory.

“I texted his dad, ‘Holy cow! We’re gonna have to have another party,'” says Glenn.

For now, Stephen and his family are still in Georgia, having a wonderful time mingling with other Augusta champions and watching the pros compete for the Masters Tournament.

On its website, Memorial Park Golf Course announced:

“Congratulations to Stephen Robert Hernandez. Stephen won the boys 7-9 age group at the Masters in Augusta Georgia Sunday. He won the drive and chipping competition and finished in the middle for the putting which gave him the overall championship! Stephen has pretty much grown up at Memorial Park. His Father, Robert Hernandez, brings Stephen out to play and practice every chance they get. Stephen was a big hit with the national media and we are proud to call him one of Houston’s own!”

H/T NBC Golf ChannelClick 2 Houston News 

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