RAW Gym: Low Rates, Serious Inspiration

If you’re looking for a small gym where you can get in a great workout and be inspired by other members, RAW Gym is your place. Many of the members are professional body builders, sports models, and athletes. An equal number are regular folks who are very serious about losing weight, getting strong, and staying in shape. It’s a fabulous gym to join if you want to be challenged and motivated in a positive way.

Trainers at RAW Gym include Patrick Moore of MooreFIT and fitness model and athlete Sanela Garcia. Athletes who call RAW their gym include Hunter Labrada and Asha Hadley.

RAW Gym Tomball

Workout equipment at RAW Gym is high quality and well maintained. Each member receives a key card so they can access the gym 24/7. This is a huge benefit for those who want to work out during odd hours for greater privacy.

Unlike the YMCA, there is no childcare provided, so members with young children will have to make arrangements. However, there is a huge benefit in the majority of the members being serious athletes. You rarely have to wait long for machines, there’s almost always someone on hand for a spot or assistance, and you’ll never encounter kids playing or loitering on the equipment.

A brand new facility is currently under construction right next door to the current location. The new building will allow for an expanded workout area and many more workout machines. No word on when exactly it will open, but we’ll be sure and keep you posted!

As of May 25, 2016, membership starts at just $25 / month. Guests can try it out for only $5 per visit.


RAW Gym Tomball

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