Enter The Minecraft Water Challenge by Lonestar GCD!

James Ridgway, Jr., Education / Public Awareness Coordinator for Lonestar Groundwater Conservation District, has just announced the first ever Annual Minecraft Water Challenge! Using Minecraft, the video game,  and YouTube videos showing off their constructions, kids will compete for cash prizes ranging from $100 to $500!

There will be three age brackets: 1st-5th grade; 6th-8th grade; and 9th-12th grade.

Contest Rules
1. Complete Objectives 1-3 (listed in article below)
2. Create and post YouTube video with project summary in video description box.
3. Complete submission form

Objective 1
Build something in Minecraft that shows viewers where your water comes from (Hint: faucet isn’t going to cut it). This may require a little research. It may require a parent/student call to the local water supplier. Parental involvement, especially for the youngest youngsters is certainly encouraged. The answer will vary depending on where a given resident resides. Some are exclusively on groundwater. Some have private wells. Some have a blend of surface water and groundwater. Also, when it comes to groundwater, it’s worth trying to find out what aquifer or aquifers that water is originating from. You don’t need to go so far as to actually pump water out of your virtual Minecraft ground — just build something that depicts where your water is coming from. Creating an in-game sign or two with the relevant information on it might be helpful, too.

Objective 2
Now, in Minecraft, depict how your water might be delivered. This is also worth researching. Pipes? — probably. But what about all those water towers out there? Ever wonder what those giants are doing? While Objective 1 specifically asks you to show where your water comes from, in this objective, just have fun and use your imagination. You can achieve this with literal, real-world detail, or take a more fantastic approach — there’s no right or wrong way.

Objective 3
This objective requires you to show, in Minecraft, where your water is being delivered. It could be your home, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be a business. It could be a farm or ranch. It could be anything really — anything which requires fresh water. The sky’s the limit — literally (that’s my one allotted Minecraft pun).

Submission Process
To submit your entry, make a 30-second video and upload it to YouTube. The video simply needs to show that each objective was met. It doesn’t have to look like J.J. Abrams directed it. Shoot it with a smartphone if you like. If you made yours on a smartphone, see if you can use another smartphone to record it. And remember, parental involvement is encouraged.

In the YouTube description, write a brief summary explaining what you made and how it meets each of the three objectives. If you’re good with video editing, feel free to dazzle it up—drop a mad boss-wave bass-driven beat (but, come on, keep it rated G)—just know editing dazzle isn’t part of the judging criteria. But it certainly can be fun.

The judging, first and foremost, will be seeking projects that successfully meet all three objectives. From there, originality, creativity, and the application of critical thinking will be the driving factors.

Almost done. An official, online submission form is available at www.LonestarGCD.org. Complete your Minecraft and submit the form by August 21.


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