Cowboys For Cops Event Unites Texans Of Every Color #CowboysForCops

Hundreds of cowboys on horseback and people in vehicles or walking rode across Waller County earlier this month to rally behind law enforcement agencies. The massive multiracial crowd made it very clear to everyone that Americans – specifically Texans – stand solid behind their brothers and sisters in blue.

Kirby Cannon, a resident of Waller, expressed his frustration that the local and mainstream media failed to cover the event, which was a hopeful and inspiring show of unity in a dark and strained time.

In a Facebook post, which now has over 87,000 shares, Kirby told a local media station that he’s “Pretty disappointed y’all failed to show and cover such an awesome event in support of Law Enforcement Officers. We have emailed y’all, facebooked y’all, not even a simple reply back.”

Sadly, that’s not the only news station ignoring the story. To our knowledge, no media, local or national, have so much as mentioned this beautiful and massive show of support. We have not reached out to any stations to confirm that they recieved Kirby’s messages, however, despite nearly 80,000 likes and over 2,300 comments, the station has so far ignored the post.

It is tragic that the mainstream media is promoting a distorted narrative that highlights contention. Whether they’re doing it to push a political agenda, or because they’re so dependant upon clickbait for ad revenue that they ignore any story that’s not dripping with drama and strife, is unclear to us.

But then, that’s why The Pink Armadillo was founded. Hopeful and inspiring stories like this one have a home here, because we believe in unity, community, and family. We believe that all men are created equal. We appreciate the sacrifice our law enforcement officers make to keep us safe.

Please share this article so that all your friends and family know: America is NOT as divided as the meainstream media and politicians would like us to believe. American is still the UNITED States, and we will survive and overcome and be even stronger when we’re through.

You can also find Kirby’s original post to share on Facebook here.

“In light of the murders of the Peace Officers this morning I wanted to tell people not to give up hope, people are still good. Light will always shine through in the end. We the people of Waller County where ridiculed last year in the Media, but yesterday we showed them who we really are. We are a shining city on the hill that has rough spots but are a community as one. Groups are actively trying to carry a false narrative that the Police are trying eliminate a part of our people and that is a lie. I wanted to share these pictures from the Cowboys for Cops rally again. Don’t let the darkness take you, dont let it make you feel forsaken. Godbless our people, our police officers, and grant us strength and unity.” Kirby Cannon

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