Amy Poehler Buys Film Rights To Houston School Teacher’s New Book

Bellaire High School teacher, Jennifer Mathieu, is set to release her fourth young adult novel, Moxie, in September. As if that’s not accomplishment enough, Amy Poehler has already bought film rights!

Moxie is geared toward teens and young adults interested in underdog stories about fighting for equality and earning respect in a closed-minded environment.

Set in a Texas high school, Moxie chronicles the story of a teenage girl who is tired of “sexist rules and dress codes,” harassment in the halls, and the idolization of athletes. Inspired by her mother’s Riot Grrrl past in the 1990’s, the girl learns to stand up for herself, launches an online magazine, and assembles a posse of fast friends who help her spark a feminist revolution at their high school.

Back in November, Mathieu’s agent shopped the book to multiple agencies in the film industry. Poehler’s company, Paper Kite Productions, immediately expressed interest. They made an offer and contracts were signed just a few weeks ago.

During an initial phone call with Paper Kite, Mathieu says Poehler herself was on the line.

“I won’t lie, I cried! Not on the phone, I kept it together. But I cried after the phone call. She is such an idol of mine,” Mathieu recalls. Poehler, she said, is “a model of what it means to be a strong, smart creative woman who stands up for other women.”

Needless to say, Mathieu is thrilled to have Poehler involved with Moxie.

“I don’t write stories to lecture kids,” Mathieu told Alyson Ward of Houston Chronicle, “but I’d be lying if I didn’t also say that I hope this book will serve as an entry point for some young readers to explore the idea of gender equality.”

Roaring Brook Press will publish Moxie on Tuesday, September 19. Read more about it and preorder a copy at Amazon.

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