Elaine Yates, Mom Who Kidnapped Daughters in 1985 Returns to Houston on Bail

by Drew Karedes, KHOU — It was a mystery that spanned for decades, and just this week, ended in Houston. Now the Rhode Island mother charged with abducting her two young daughters and living a secret life in Houston is back in the state she vanished from to answer to a judge.

Elaine Yates went by the alias Liana Waldberg in court in Warwick, R.I., on Wednesday. Yates pleaded not guilty to a charge of abduction of a child prior to a court order, a felony that comes with a possible sentence of two years in prison.

A magistrate released her on personal recognizance on $50,000 bail and told her she can return to the new life she built for herself and her daughters so many years ago.

One of Yates’ daughters lives in Baytown, the other in Dickinson. Both are in their 30’s and are said to have careers and families of their own. Yates plans to return to Houston to work.

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One thought on “Elaine Yates, Mom Who Kidnapped Daughters in 1985 Returns to Houston on Bail

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  1. I doubt this will ever go to trial. According to the Rhode Island law that Elaine Yates has been charged with, she has an affirmative defense if she fled after an incidence (or pattern) of domestic violence.

    Since Russell Yates admitted to punching Elaine, sending her to the hospital, it appears that she has an ironclad defense.


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