6 Ways To Beautify Your Home With Glass & Mirrors

At some point every homeowner has wondered how to repair a corroded bathroom mirror, or whether there’s a way to protect your beautiful hardwood table from scratches and water damage. This past week we decided to ask the experts at Northwest Glass & Mirror for their advice on how to improve, protect, and maintain your home. Here’s what they told us, and their advice could actually save you money:

1. New energy efficient windows can decrease energy bills.
If your windows are difficult to open, look dingy even after cleaning, or seem to crack and break easily, it may be time for new windows. Modern energy efficient windows can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, regardless of how unpredictable the Texas weather is outside.

2. Use glass to protect wood furniture such as dinner tables and coffee tables.
“Furniture is meant to be lived on,” says Bruce Chumley, Owner of Northwest Houston Glass & Mirror. “No one should have to obsess over using a coaster, or what can or can’t be put on the table. Glass toppers protect the integrity of the table while maintaining functionality.”

3. Replace wood shelving with glass shelving.
This is an elegant idea, particularly if you’ve got built in shelving that you use for displaying decorations and collectibles. It can also be used to brighten up kitchen cabinets, providing a sparkling display of your glassware and dishes on a shelf that won’t sag over time or get damaged by moisture. Not only is glass easier to clean, it also showcases your items better, allowing light to surround them. Glass shelving is also a simple and cost effective way to modernize a dated room.

4. Add mirrors to increase the size appearance of a room.
It’s amazing what a large mirror can do to a small room. In addition to making any room feel more spacious, it’s also fun to use mirrors to play with natural lighting. For example, you can position your mirror to reflect sunlight from a window into a previously shadowed side of the room.

5. Add glass panels to the front door.
Not only does glass add beautiful sparkle and detail to your front door, but it’s also wise to be able to see who is at your door before you open it up for them. In addition, a glass paneled front door adds curb appeal.

6. Switch to an all glass shower enclosure.
“All glass shower enclosures are the best thing you can do for a small bathroom,” advises Chumley. “You’d be shocked as to how it opens up a room.”  Picture it: No more unwieldy shower curtain, no more dark closed-in bath tub; just clean, clear glass that opens up your bathroom to make it feel more spacious and bright.

Northwest Glass & Mirror has been serving Houston area homes and businesses since 1978. They specialize in both residential and commercial glass. In fact, they are responsible for the spectacular windows of Smart Financial Centre at Sugarland, an eye-catching entertainment venue with a star-studded event calendar featuring Reba McEntire, Sting, Tony Bennett, and Steve Martin.

“We’ve been in business for almost 40 years,” says Chumley. “If we didn’t love what we do for our city and our customers, we wouldn’t still be here.”

Northwest Glass & Mirror

5106 Hwy. 6 North
Houston, Texas 77084

Call 281.463.7801


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  1. I have been wondering how to make my house look bigger and updated without making a huge project out of the whole thing. You mentioned that adding glass panels to the front and backyard doors will add detail and make the area feel more open. That is a great idea that I want to use and also try to take it farther by maybe replacing a wall with glass in my home. Thank you for the awesome information glass.


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