Adams Extract: It’s Not Just Vanilla! BBQ Rub, Ice Cream & Skillet Cookies, Oh My!

Any Texan who has ever baked anything is familiar with the brand Adams Extract. But did you know they make more than just Vanilla Extract? They’ve actually got an assortment of flavorings, box cake mix kits, BBQ rubs and grill seasoning blends, and a whole line of herbs and spices. Did we mention ice cream? Did we mention cookies?  Oh yes. There’s a lot you need to learn about this vintage Texas business from Gonzales. They are diversifying y’all, and it’s really quite wonderful.

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Annie Ortega, Adam’s Director of Marketing and Brands, about the Adams Skillet Cookie debut at HEB grocery stores.

“The Adams Skillet Cookie is an item we are extremely excited about,” she said, “because it is a unique, delicious, and easy restaurant style dessert option.”

Now, if you’re wondering, “What they hay is a skillet cookie?”  BEHOLD!


Warm the Skillet Cookie in the microwave and serve it up with a scoop of ice cream for a hot and gooey, frozen and creamy dessert that’s super simple and low mess to make.

You’ll find them at HEB and Kroger (plus more retailers across Texas and nationwide soon!) in the frozen section, conveniently next to the Adam’s Ice Cream. Needless to say it’s all got a nostalgic vanilla aroma about it. Speaking of Ice Cream, remember The Great Blue Bell Famine of 2016?  Of course you do. Well, Adam’s Ice Cream carried many a suffering soul through that blight, and a lot of the customers stuck with it because it’s undeniably fabulous.

“HEB is a incredible partner of ours and we appreciate their desire to help support and grow Texas brands,” Annie said. “We also understand that to continue to grow, we would have to look into introducing items that were outside our normal location in the grocery store — the spice and extract isle. Because our company was founded on extracts, most notably ADAMS BEST®, we naturally fit into other areas where baking lives, such as the ice cream and novelty section and baking section.”

And when she says they’ve got a reputation in the baking isle, she’s not exaggerating y’all. Adams has been around for 129 years, with 112 of those spent here in Texas. And like we said, it’s not all about decadent desserts. Their seasonings include low sodium, non-GMO, and natural flavor options to yummify your confections or spice up your steak and brisket.

In closing, Annie adds, “The ability to provide the unique and beloved flavor of ADAMS BEST® is limitless and we are exploring all options along with many more health and lifestyle innovations.”

Find Adam’s products in the Baking Isle or the Frozen Section next time you’re at the grocery and be sure to visit their website for a large collection of recipes:


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