Calm waters along Galveston, Texas.

Texas Beach Bacteria Levels Test High in February

February is a weird time to go the the beach. But then, this is Houston, and it’s like 75 digress outside. Come to think of it, it’s really not a bad idea at all. Anyhow. Without much further ado, here are a few beaches to avoid this weekend. They’ve tested high for fecal bacteria (yep, you read that right) so if you’ve got young children, are pregnant, are diabetic, or have any open sores (even if it’s just a paper cut or hang nail) please do exercise caution and wade elsewhere:

Beaches That Tested High For Bacteria 2/9/2017:

  • Quintana Beach (near Freeport)
  • 8th Street (near Freeport)
  • CR750 (near Freeport)

Beaches That Tested Medium For Bacteria 2/9/2017:

  • Sargent CoC Park Beach (NE of Matagorda Bay)
  • Sargent Beach (NE of Matagorda Bay)
  • Palacios Pavilion (East & West)

All these beaches are south of Galveston. Test results come in almost daily, so we will update this article should anything change before the weekend. Come to think of it, a little beach trip might be a nice Valentine’s Day outing if this weather holds up!

For more test results check out



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