33 Acre French Chateau Estate For Sale in Texas

Quel magnifique! There’s an incredible home for sale about 30 miles north of Beaumont, near the Louisiana border. To say it’s a mansion would be doing it a great disservice. La Maison Demille Bienvenues is a luxurious 33-acre gated estate inspired by old world chateaus and decorated with jaw-droppingly gorgeous antiques. Some of those antiques will stay with the house when it sells for around $5,000,000.

In addition to the main house (which holds six bedrooms and five bathrooms in it’s 4,677 square foot confines), there’s an orangerie, an office with a bath, a pied-à-terre with bath (a small apartment or livable work-space), a sunken garden, garden arch, a welding barn, a tractor barn and studio, a six car garage and workshop, plus an artisan well and private lake.

The residential wonder is the work of renowned architect Lucian T. Hood. Here are a few photos of La Maison Demille Bienvenues. You can find more on the real estate website below.

La Maison Demille Bienvenues

La Maison Demille Bienvenues


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