Houston’s The Blushing Raven Takes Fitness Training Digital

Houston, Texas — Momtrepreneur and fitness aficionado, Megan Arispe, has launched a very unique fitness training business called The Blushing Raven. She doesn’t train at a gym. She doesn’t even meet clients in their homes. She helps clients manage their exercise routines, nutrition, and lifestyle through a phone app. Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Megan and discuss her unique business model. Her clients are all over the world, but Megan is a home-schooling mom right here in Northwest Houston.

What inspired you to launch your fitness training business, The Blushing Raven?

I was inspired to launch The Blushing Raven because I wanted to help other people with similar challenges access personal training in a way that fits their lifestyle. Fitness was part of my life very early on. I began ballet at 8 years old and danced for 14 years until an injury changed my direction.

After getting married and having a family, I, like many of us started to focus on my roles as a mom and wife and less on myself and fitness. After my second son, I experienced clinical depression. I sought out help and was reminded the importance of regular exercise not just for our bodies but also for its impact on our mental and emotional state. I began running and completed two 5K’s that year. I was able to overcome depression and exercise was and continues to be a huge part of that.

I realized there were probably other people in similar situations. Maybe caught up with life, not caring for or taking time for themselves as they should. I knew fitness could impact others’ lives and affect them both inside and out. The Blushing Raven was born! The raven symbolizes transformation. I want my clients to experience the same internal and external transformation that I experienced.

How are your services different than the typical fitness trainer?

I have a unique approach that’s not about just doing a workout but meeting you where you are. If your idea of cardio is walking to the mailbox and back or your idea of weightlifting is lifting your fork – we start where you are. With many personal trainers, the bar is so high, that for most people that they can’t even get started. Fitness is about a life transformation, not just going through the motions.

How does online training work, and what are the benefits as opposed to say, a personal trainer at the gym?

Once you purchase training services, you’ll receive a welcome packet via email with instructions. Included is how to download our mobile app as well as setting up a username and password. You’ll also receive some forms and questionnaires to fill out about your current lifestyle and fitness goals. This will be used to develop your personalized plan.

Workouts and nutrition plans are delivered to the app as well as the online interface. You can access your workouts from any device with step-by-step directions and videos demonstrating each exercise. You can also track your progress, take before and after pictures, and message your trainer. Your trainer can follow and review your progress in real time.

The benefits of online training are numerous and include the following:

  • Accountability – That little push when you otherwise would have given up.
  • Confidence – You are in the driver seat and can feel in control of your health and fitness.
  • Convenience – Workout wherever and whenever you want! You also don’t have to go to the gym. We can customize workouts to do at home with whatever equipment you have available.
  • Scheduling – Trying to coordinate your schedule with your trainer’s is no longer an issue.
  • Cost Effective – When you’re not paying gym overhead, you get a better trainer at a better price.

Is online training best as an alternative to in-gym training, or in addition to personal training?

Unlike a conventional brick and mortar training facility, you can work out based only on your schedule at your convenience and you don’t have to worry about whether your trainer is available at a specific time.

Similar to video based workouts, you enjoy the flexibility to work out on your own, but with our online personal training approach you also get a customized solution with the motivation and coaching of face-to-face training. This brings the best of both worlds together in one offering.

What types of people do you find benefit from online training as opposed to a more traditional in-gym approach?

Everyone who benefits from an in-gym trainer can benefit from online personal training. Online training can reach more people because of its flexible, cost effective, customized approach.

Imagine a single parent who has time or money constraints or both. Now imagine that single parent engaging in personal training in their home, anytime with a personalized plan that fits their engagement level and budget with the tools that they have!

What are your dreams? Where do you see your business going ultimately?

I’ve helped people go from only walking to the mailbox and back every day because that’s all they could commit to physically, mentally and emotionally to loving fitness, their bodies and themselves. If we can continue to do that, then I think we will be successful!

Blushing Raven Fitness


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