Galveston Area Beaches Test High For Bacteria Along With 13 Other Texas Beaches

February 24, 2017 — With temperatures reaching the mid 80’s during February, it’s important for “off season” beach-goers to be aware of the risks an unusually warm winter can pose at the beach. Fourteen Texas beaches are currently testing dangerously high for fecal bacteria. These bacteria can pose a serious health risk particularly to pregnant women, children, diabetics, and anyone with an open sore – even a hangnail. Infections lead to severe illness, and sometimes result in amputations or even death in rare cases.

So, this weekend, do be sure to avoid the following beaches:

Bolivar Peninsula

  • Retalion Road Beach
    At the end of the Bolivar Peninsula just across the water from north Galveston Island.

Follets Island

  • County Road 257 & 257 S
    On Follets Island just south of Galveston Island
  • County Road 257 A & 257 A S
    Toward the south end of Follets Island near Freeport.

Freeport Harbor Area

  • Stahlman Island
    North of Freeport Harbor
  • Beach Drive
  • Surfside – 9th Street
  • Surfside Jetty County Park
  • Quintana Beach County Park
  • 8th Street
  • CR750

Matagorda Bay

  • Palacios Pavilion East

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