O, They Got A Home Where A Buffalo Roams

If you think your dog smells weird or your cat scratches the carpet too much, this story will give you some perspective on pets. Texas residents, Ronnie and Sherron Bridges, have a 180 stone buffalo named Wild Thing living in their house. In. Their. House.

It was Sherron’s idea to bring Wild Thing into the house after the couple sold their herd of 52 mammoth beasts. At the time, Wild Thing was just a calf, but these folks had a full understanding of just how large and powerful the cute little guy would become. Can’t you just imagine a 6 foot tall, 3,000 lb. bison roaming through your house cribbing on door frames and dropping patties on the carpet?

Galloping buffalo by Eadweard Muybridge, 1887
Galloping buffalo by Eadweard Muybridge, 1887

Wild Thing definitely leads a charmed life. He even has his own media room where he watches action movies, despite the fact that he’s nearly killed his owners on multiple occasions. Wild Thing’s sheer size make him a menace, and he’s even gored Ronnie with his large horns. Nevertheless, the intrepid animal lovers let Wild Thing eat breakfast at the kitchen table.

See for yourself in this mini-documentary by Caters News:

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