VIDEO: Katy Toddler Smiles For First Time After Coma & Meningitis

Katy, Texas — The video is so moving and hopeful that’s it’s being shared all over the world. It all started with a fever, but when 21 month old Pierce Robinson woke up on Saturday, February 4 having seizures, his parents rushed him to a local Urgent Care clinic. Unfortunately, doctors there concluded that little Pierce was suffering from a bad virus and just needed rest. How wrong they were! When the little boy’s condition deteriorated even worse his parents rushed him by ambulance to Texas Children’s Hospital where he was immediately placed in the pediatric ICU.

“The doctors were thankful that Pierce’s vaccinations were current and said he might not have survived if not,” Peirce’s grandma, Rhonda Robinson, told KWTX. Peirce’s grandpa, Glenn Robinson, is the CEO of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Hillcrest and the former president of the Waco Chamber of Commerce.

A spinal tap indicated that Pierce had bacterial meningitis, and by Tuesday the tiny boy was seizing for several hours at a time. That’s when doctors at Texas Children’s opted to put Pierce in a medically induced coma so his brain could rest. Pierce’s parents, Jacob and Melissa, spent the next twelve days anxiously waiting, not knowing how much their beautiful little boy would recover; not knowing if he’d ever be able to smile again.

“They were very careful to not give us false hope,” Rhonda said of the doctors.

Pierce Robinson, meningitis
Pierce’s daddy smiles bravely as his son spends Valentine’s Day in a medically induced coma.

Just this past Monday, doctors began to slowly awaken little Pierce.

In the video, you can hear Pierce’s mother, Melissa, singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to her son. As she sings, Pierce smiles several times. His mother chokes back tears before finishing her song and breaking into relieved laughter.

“It was an amazing moment to see our precious Pierce smile,” she told KWTX. “My heart leaped for joy!”

“We were overcome with tears of thankfulness and joy,” Rhonda agreed.

The family has set up a YouCaring Donation Page for anyone wishing to support the Robinson’s during this difficult time. Click here to visit Pierce’s YouCaring Page.

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