3rd Generation Boot Shop Flooded With Custom Boot Orders for the Houston Rodeo

Rodeo Fever has flooded Houston like a hurricane. From March 7 through March 26, The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo will showcase all kinds of events, from performances by Willie Nelson to BBQ contests and cattle auctions.

To be sure, you’re allowed to attend in your city shoes, but if you really want an authentic rodeo experience, put on your boots. Don’t got boots? Take a gander at Ricca Boot Shop in Tomball.

Family owned and operated, Ricca Boot Shop has been open since 1976. It was started by Sam Ricca and his wife Marie. They ran the shop for over two decades building a faithful clientele and producing quality workmanship. Today, Sam’s grandson Ryan continues the trade.

“I am still repairing boots that were made back in the 1950’s,” Ryan told ABC13.

When was the last time you put on 65 year old shoes? That’s quality right there! The shop also makes bespoke shoes (men’s dress shoes such as Oxfords, Derbys, and Monks) and equestrian boots too.

Besides boot repair, Ricca Boot Shop offers custom designed boots. You can bring your own hide or pick from the shop’s assortment of fine leather. Ryan will take your measurements to ensure a tailored fit, and then make your books “the old fashioned way” with wood pegs, no plastic! For insoles and outsoles Ryan uses comfortable JR Redenbach leather, known for its waterproof and abrasion resistant qualities. It’s also uniquely produced using biodegradable tanning agents like bark and fruit for a natural look and feel. The boots are hand-sewn and constructed using goodyear weld and stacked leather heels.

It’s not every day you come across a third generation family owned business, even in an old Texas town like Tomball.

“I would always come out and cut leather on the wheel with Grandpa when I was growing up as a kid,” Ryan recalled. “Grandpa would probably be shocked to see how busy it is now. Not just for rodeo season, but year-round.”

You’ll find Ricca Boot Shop located at 103 West Main Street in Tomball:

H/T ABC 13

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