Daylight Saving + 6 Items Home Owners Should Check Besides Clocks

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Savings is upon us this weekend, that wonderful time of year when you have to pry your kids out of bed an hour early and they’re grumpy for a week. You wouldn’t think one little hour could cause so much discontent. One thing is clear, whoever invented Daylight Savings Time didn’t have small children. As we contemplated setting our clocks forward one hour, we wondered what other things might be worth checking and maintaining around the house. So, we talked to Houston home inspector, Michael Taylor, owner of KJS Inspections.

“Have your AC checked, cleaned, and change your air filters,” Mike suggests. “Also, add half a cup of bleach to the primary drain line. This will help clear it of any algae, mold, or mildew buildup, and keep it draining freely all season. Should your drain line become clogged, condensation may pool causing water to back up and overflow inside your AC unit. This is a tip I share with all new homeowners during their home inspection.”

Here’s the full list of items sent to us from KJS Inspections:

  1. Have your AC checked and cleaned.
  2. Change out air filters.
  3. Add a half cup of bleach to the AC primary drain line to keep it draining all season.
  4. Keep vegetation trimmed away for the walls at least 6 inches.
  5. Clean gutters before the rainy season starts.
  6. Change out smoke detector batteries, as well as any other alarm batteries.

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