Jason Arcemont of BrightBox: What Should Your Marketing Agency be Doing for You?

BrightBox is a brand marketing firm based right here in Northwest Houston, just south of Tomball off FM 249 and Louetta. They’ve represented hundreds of brands, with their current client roster including Donna’s Home Furnishings, The Lash Resort, Mark Dimas realty, and Gulf Coast Emergency Animal Hospital, among others. I (Jennifer Grassman) actually had the honor of serving as BrightBox’s PR Director and content development specialist before I transitioned to being a work-from-home mom. Since then, the team has grown as have the services they offer.  BrightBox is unique in that it provides a comprehensive combo of services which they tailor per client, scaling them up and down organically based on need, to maximize impact in said client’s target audience. I thought it would be fun and helpful to interview my friend, Jason Arcemont, owner of BrightBox, to give our readers (many of whom are business owners) a feel for what a high-quality responsible marketing firm brings to the table … and how to avoid a bad one!

How did BrightBox begin?
BrightBox began out of the desire to build a company that can manage a brand with limited outsources. Previous companies I had worked for outsourced to a number of different vendors and I saw a big gap in consistency in visual elements as well as messaging.

On your website you discuss “strategic marketing.” What’s the difference between what BrightBox does and the marketing services most other agencies offer?
We hold ourselves accountable to results not activity. Because we can offer so many different types of support we aren’t selling a service, we’re selling a result.

What would you say are some red flags business owners should watch for when considering or working with a marketing agency?
Biggest red flag is not having an agnostic consultant. See, because we offer all types of marketing I don’t care if you need more PR or more social or less Pay-per-Click or less direct mail. I care about the results of the campaign. A lot of marketing firms who only do one aspect of marketing will bring you a report every month supporting you continuing to do the one service they provide.

I still encounter websites that aren’t “mobile ready” or “responsive.” How important would you say it is for such businesses to update to a newer better design?
Well, Google has announced that if your site isn’t mobile ready then you won’t be ranking as well moving forward. This, combined with the fact that the majority of all buying decision start online (mobile specifically), these days makes it a no brainer to have a site that looks and operates well on mobile.

What are some of the latest trends in website design?
Mobile first! It used to be that we would design a website based on desk top viewing. That has changed with the growth of mobile users. We design sites now on mobile devises first. And not just design but UX (user experience) has to be first of mind. Not only to we have to consider whether the user can open the page in mobile, but we have to consider their mobile experience.

SEO is often perceived as a mysterious art. How do you explain SEO to new or prospective clients so we can understand how it works?
Pretty simple. SEO is the accumulation of four main digital marketing components.

  1. How your site is built. Making sure it’s mobile and includes sub page structures and keyword embedment.
  2. The amount of relevant content (Text and Video).
  3. Social interaction; meaning, is your content being shared and talked about on social platforms?
  4. Third party sites linking your content.

Each of these four tactics build credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Separate from BrightBox, you’ve got several books published and a bunch of educational radio shows people can listen to on your website. Tell us a bit about your work?
I love marketing and growing companies but I’m passionate about helping people. My books and my radio program have allowed me the opportunity to reach more people with lessons I’ve learned as a business man, family man and endurance athlete. It’s really been a blessing for me and my aim is that it is for the people it reaches. If you’r audience is interested in learning more about me they can check out www.JasonArcemont.com. Drop me a line, I’m always excited to connect with new people and find creative ways to help.

In closing, you do a ton of charity work. What’s something you’re currently working on?
Right now Im working with a anti child trafficking group by the name of Love146. Im helping them open their first resale shop in North Houston. A place where you can donate your gently used cloths and through a retail store we’ll be able to sell those items and then use the proceeds to help support their global mission to end child exploitation. This is a model I’ve been apart of in Tomball for almost a decade. We started a small resales shop call Resale With A Purpose (located at four corners in Tomball, TX) with the goal of giving 100% of our profits away to local charity. We are on track to give $1 million dollars by the year 2020.

Learn More:
BrightBox | Jason Arcemont | Love146

When you subscribe to Jason’s email list, you can download his free short e-book, Dreams vs. Goals: A Practical Way of Achieving Success.

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