Houston, We Have A Bike Plan!

Houston, we have a Bike Plan! On Wednesday morning, the Houston City Council approved a massive plan to construct a vast network of bike trails and lanes throughout the Houston area.

However, councilmen Mike Knox, Michael Kubosh, Steve Le, and Greg Travis voted against the plan. They cited various concerns, including the plan’s price tag of up to $550 million.

“You start looking at the costs and it becomes exorbitant,” Travis noted, also voicing concern that planners may be underestimating their expenses.

Advocates of the bike plan cite Houston’s booming population, the need for alternative transportation that’s safe and cheap for residents, and of course the growing popularity of biking everywhere from work to the grocery store.

Houston Bike Plan Map
Houston Bike Plan Map

While it doesn’t quite reach Cypress, Tomball, or even Spring, it does extend its veins throughout Greenspoint Mall (North Houston), Cullen Park and George Bush Park (West Houston) and Kingwood.

“Some bike for exercise, others use it for transportation,” noted luxury realtor and lifestyle blogger Nicole Brende. “Whatever your pleasure, just know Houston is mapping out a route-savvy system just for you!”

Many local businesses, including Bike Barn, are ecstatic about the vote and voiced their approval.

“This is great news for all of us riding in and around Houston!” Bike Barn posted on their Facebook page.

Apparently, there are some neighbors who don’t want cyclists pedaling up and down their streets. And of course, everything will have to be budgeted very carefully.

But yes, it’s approved! Cyclists rejoice!

You can read more about the bike plan and see maps here.


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