This Grandmother’s Home Was Destroyed By Floods, But Then Something Wonderful Happened

Agnes is a Vietnam Air Force veteran and life-loving grandmother who hails from Bellaire. She’s also disabled, unable to work. Thankfully, she belongs to a tight-knit family that puts their faith in God and is active in their community. In fact, a number of her relations have served our country in the U.S. Air Force and Army.

So, when Agnes’ home was devastated by flooding back in May, her family rallied around her. Because that’s just what they do.


“I lost everything,” Agnes explained. “I had to build a seven foot hill before they allowed me to rebuild. I’m unable to work, and my son is my blessing.”

Agnes’ son, John Cruise, is an entrepreneur and President at Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association (IFWAA). Here’s the home he built for his mother, before the sod was laid:

Houston Flood
Agnes’ son built her a new home on her land, which has now been raised by seven feet.

“My son built me this house told me to go pick out my furniture,” the proud mother said. “He sent his wife to meet me and pay.”

That day, Agnes and her daughter-in-law, Shon, made a trip to Gallery Furniture.

Despite muddy conditions around Agne’s newly constructed home-site which wasn’t yet sodded, Gallery Furniture’s delivery men were undeterred. They built a ramp of sorts out of plywood across the mud to Agnes’ front door.

Regardless, the men’s shoes were clodded* with mud. But that’s just the kind of service Gallery Furniture is famous for.

“Gallery Furniture delivers same day … even when their driveway is still under construction!” said Jim Mcingvale, owner of Gallery Furniture. “Mrs. C. experienced a tough flood, and we were honored to deliver to her new residence. Gallery Furniture couldn’t go up the driveway, so we made a path and made the delivery.”

“Tino and E.P. were great delivery men,” said Agnes. “They even took measurements for future pieces!”

If you talk to Agnes, you’ll feel her pride for her son shining from her. You’ll also feel her gratitude for her family, and sense the amazing faith and strength that carried her through this ordeal.

As difficult and tragic as it is to hear about someone losing their home and belongings in a flood, it’s inspiring to also read about families coming together, communities taking care of each other, and local businesses going the extra mile. If you know a hopeful or inspiring story like this one, let us know!

*Clodded is not a word, but it should be.

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