There’s A Lemur Refuge in Houston & Its Residents Are Ridiculously Adorable

You probably did not know this, but there’s a Lemur rescue group and shelter right here in Houston. It’s called The Lemur Refuge and its inhabitants are utterly adorable!

The non-profit facility provides a forever home to lemurs with special needs, zoo exhibit retirees, and ex-pets. They even raise baby lemurs! Check out this ridiculously adorable video:

The Lemur Refuge offers presentations to schools, churches, boy scout and girl scout groups, and other such organizations. During these presentations, they discuss animal endangerment and ways to help lemurs. They also discuss how they and other organizations such as zoos are working to bring these animals back from the brink of extinction.

And yes, they bring lemurs to their presentations.

Holly (who only has one arm), Mr. Pinchy, Jar Jar, Jango, Cleo, and Squeaky Pete frequently assist in educational programs.

Through partnership with another USDA licensed facility, they’re sometimes able to bring other critters besides lemurs to presentations.

While very loved and well cared for, these lemurs aren’t pets. These animals help educate audiences about conservation. Each staff member has been trained extensively to provide a safe environment when handling these powerful and beautiful animals.

If you’d like to fill your social media world with adorable lemur photos, videos, and stories, please follow The Lemur Refuge on Facebook and Twitter.

You can learn more about The Lemur Refuge at

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