Here’s The Austin Startup That Wants You To Eat Crickets

So eating crickets is a thing now.  We’ve heard of John The Baptist eating locust and wild honey, but we were never under the impression that he did it to be hip. Aketta is the new Austin, Texas startup that wants you to eat crickets too. And they come in many familiar flavors including Texas BBQ, Southwest Chili, Sour Cream & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Spicy Hot. Sadly no honey. John would be severely bummed.

Why on God’s green earth would someone want to eat crickets? For the protein of course. In one 28 gram bag of crickets you get a whopping 13 grams of protein (25% of your daily requirement assuming you need 2,000 calories per day).

Cricket Salad
Want to avoid a second date? Impress them with crickets.

Crickets are also surprisingly high in Vitamin B12 and iron. So if you’re anemic and those iron pills stop you up, crickets could keep your bowels flowing smoothly. Only problem is, crickets are a smidge high in sodium and cholesterol, so if you’re worried about those things, best not to lie around binging on The Walking Dead and crickets. Come to think of it, Rick might really appreciate the benefits of Aketta, especially given his current plight.

Crickets come in powdered form or as roasted crickets. Roasted crickets can transform a boring old salad into a crunchy and exciting party in your mouth.

Keep a packet handy on first-time dinner dates. If things just aren’t turning out the way you’d hoped, sprinkle a few crickets on your baked potato.

Aketta powdered crickets (AKA, cricket flour) is comprised of 100% milled crickets. It’s a great additive to baked goods, and contributes a “deep, earthy, umami flavor with hints of raw cocoa.” You could even put some in those cookies you’re planning for your kid’s school bake sale. Just don’t tell the other parents and they might still hang out with you afterwards.

Cricket Aketta
Some jerk put crickets in these brownies.

These non-GMO, gluten free munchies come at around $11 per quarter pound. That quarter pound has got to be a lot of crickets. Or you can spend $2.99 for a 1 oz pack, and try multiple flavors.

And, if you eat crickets instead of chicken, beef, or pork you’re benefiting the environment. Traditional livestock take a heavy toll on mother nature, whereas crickets just sing songs and crunch. You can now feel good, and do good for the planet simultaneously.

Where did they come up with the brand name, Aketta? Well, you don’t eat “cow” or “pig” or “chicken,” do you? No! You eat “beef” and “pork” and “chicken.” In order to normalize the consumption of crickets, they’re calling crickets Aketta. That way, vegetarians have a cool name to throw around at potlucks. It’s a similar idea to calling your soybeans molded into the shape of a turkey, Tofurky. Except Aketta is crunchy. Tofurky is … Tofurky.

You can learn more about Aketta on their website,

Now if only someone would only come up with a delicious way to eat fire ants and mosquitoes. God knows we’ve got an unending supply of those.

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