Tippit Family Seeks Help After Cyclist Father Murdered In Hit-And-Run

A Sugarland woman has been left the single mother of two beautiful young boys. The boy’s father, 37 year old Craig Randall Tippit, was bicycling in Waller County training for an MS150 that would help raise funds for people with disabilities. For reasons unfathomable, a deranged man by the name of Victor Kevin Tome used his car to fatally hit two random cyclists, and injure several others. He has been charged with murder, assault, and burglary.

When Craig left home on Saturday to train for the BP MS150, his wife Stephanie said it felt like any other weekend. Just hours later, Stephanie Tippit is a single mom, with two very young sons to raise. The injustice done to this sweet family is incalculable.

The Tippit family is asking the community for assistance with Craig’s funeral expenses and Stephanie’s financial burdens now as a single parent.

You can read more, send a note of condolences, and donate money at their GoFundMe Page:



According to police reports, Victor Tome fatally struck 48-year-old Keri Blanchard Guillory with his blue Dodge Stratus before intentionally driving another 80 yards and hitting Craig. Both Craig and Keri died at the scene. Another cyclist was forced into a ditch to escape.

Meanwhile, Tome fled on foot and broke into a nearby home.  There he was confronted by the homeowner and convinced to surrender. The homeowner actually drove Tome to a police checkpoint and turned him in. Thankfully, the homeowner seems to have been unharmed.


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