Grandmother Scammed Of Money Saved For Her Own Daughter’s Funeral

If this doesn’t tick you off, nothing will. A local grandmother from Spring, Texas, has been scammed out of $12,000. The worst part? It was money she’d been saving for her own daughter’s medical bills and funeral expenses.

The day was Monday, March 27.

Aime Farow spent her birthday in the hospital with her dying sister, Joyce. Joyce had been seriously ill for several years, having suffered a stroke in 2013. After bravely battling ongoing health issues, Joyce had grown steadily weaker and weaker. On the morning of Aime’s birthday, they got word that Joyce would likely not make it through the night.

“I spent most of the day at the hospital watching her breathe and listening for any changes,” Aime told us. “I share my birthday with my stepson, and we had planned on having dinner to celebrate. I honestly did not feel up to it and wanted to cancel, but my mom told me I couldn’t and I had to go. I tried telling her that she was no longer the boss of me, but if you know my mom, it didn’t work.”

Aime’s mom is Anna Matthias, and during this tragic and overwhelming time, a conman took advantage of Anna.

As her daughter lay dying in a hospital bed, Anna got a call from a man claiming to be her grandson.

“I got a phone call,” Anna recalls. “He said he was my grandson, Nicholas.”

The man told Anna he was in trouble. He needed cash fast and in the form of gift cards.

“He said, ‘OK. I want you to go to the closest Walmart and I want you to buy two $1,000 gift cards.'”

Already distraught and exhausted, Anna truly believing the caller was her grandson. Anna purchased gift cards from three Walmart stores and one Target. She spent a total of $12,000.

“He would tell me every time,” Anna recalled, “‘Scratch the numbers off the back. Throw the cards and receipts away.”

But Anna kept the cards and the receipts, because she’d begun to feel suspicious.

Then the caller asked for another $9,700, and Anna knew something was very wrong.

Anna approached the manager of a local Bank Of America branch. The manager was concerned, and asked Anna to call “Nicholas” back.

That’s when the conman slipped up.

“He called me ‘Grandma.’ They’ve never called me Grandma. They call me ‘Grand,'” Anna lamented. “I just had my daughter moved to hospice care today. Doesn’t that tell you anything? Part of that money was going to bury her.”

Then, on Tuesday, March 28, Anna’s daughter Joyce went to be with her Lord and Savior.

“She is finally at rest,” Aime said. “No more pain and suffering. She was the strongest and most generous person I have ever known. She was always there for me and my kids. She was the best cook. You haven’t had chicken fried steak and gravy unless you’ve had hers. I love you my sister and I will miss you.”

Needless to say, Anna is having an incredibly difficult time. Tragically, Joyce isn’t the only loss her family has suffered. Joyce and Aime’s brother, John, passed away from cancer on September 3, 2016. Now, with a son and a daughter in Heaven, Anna has outlived two of her beloved children.

In addition to her unimaginable grief over her kids, Anna feels extremely sad and upset over being scammed.  The money — $12,000 — was what she’d intended to use to pay for Joyce’s medical bills and funeral expenses.

“She went peacefully which was an answered prayer,” Aime said of her sister. “I ask that you please continue to share this story to help my mom recover from the financial strain. We will miss Joyce terribly but we are thankful that she is no longer suffering. I know that she is in God’s presence.”

Click to Help Anna & Family via GoFundMe

“Your prayers and the love you all have expressed means so much to me and my family. Thank you all for your continued prayers.” – Aime Ferow

H/T Click 2 Houston’s Brandon Walker

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