We Killed It In March! The Pink Armadillo Monthly Roundup

Having launched on March 7, 2017, The Pink Armadillo is off to a fabulous start! We’ve had 11,500 articles read by 7,680 readers in a period of about three weeks. Here are our rankings, according to Google Analytics:

Most Popular Article:

New Braunfels First Baptist Church Members Remembered
It was shared over 1,550 times on social media and read 5,000 times. It’s never the kind of article you want to have to write. We hope the families saw it and were comforted knowing that their loved ones are not forgotten. Our prayers are with them.

Most Popular Business:

Mel’s Country Cafe: A Family Heritage of Good Food & Southern Hospitality
It was shared over 85 times on social media and read over 1,200 times! Congratulations Mel’s!

The Runners Up:

  1. 10 Great Places To See Bluebonnets & Texas Wildflowers
  2. Tippit Family Seeks Help After Cyclist Father Murdered In Hit-And-Run
  3. This Grandmother’s Home Was Destroyed By Floods, But Then Something Wonderful Happened
  4. 125 Foot Cross In Tomball Honors A Young Man Who Had “A Heart As Big As Texas”
  5. 10 Best Irish Pubs & Restaurants in Houston for St. Patrick’s Day
  6. Where I Stand As A Woman
  7. Tritico Tells Trump: Donate Your Salary To Meals On Wheels
  8. Small Town Fulton: An Affordable Coastal Vacation & Fishing Haven
  9. Houston Men Ride Horses Through Walmart
  10. The Blushing Raven Takes Fitness Training Digital
  11. There’s A Lemur Refuge In Houston & Its Residents Are Ridiculously Adorable
  12. Get Custom Cowboy Boots For Your Rodeo Getup From Ricca Boot Shop

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Five Galveston Kids Raise Funds For Cypress Girl Beating Bone Cancer
  2. Bandera Texas: The Cowboy Capital Of The World!
  3. Life, Liberty & The Persuit Of Less Stuff
  4. Deaf Baby Hears Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time
  5. Jason Arcemont: What Should Your Marketing Company Be Doing For You?

Thank you so much for reading The Pink Armadillo! It’s BECAUSE OF YOU that these great local businesses, chairities, and stories are getting attention. You’ve read, you’ve shared, you’ve liked, you’ve emailed. So thank you!

Download The Pink Armadillo March 2017 Media Kit

For more stats and demographics, please click above to download a PDF

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