Weight Loss Dream: Tomball Man Who Lost 250 Lbs Competes In Galveston Half Ironman

The Chevron Houston Marathon and Memorial Hermann Galveston Half Ironman would be challenging for anyone. But for one Tomball oil executive, they’re something he never dreamed of being able to participate in. That’s because Marcus Cook used to weigh 489 pounds. After changing his eating habits and lifestyle, he has achieved the incredible weight loss goal of 250 pounds.

ABC13 reports that Marcus has now competed in marathons, including the recent Galveston Half Ironman.

“I think still my goal is not to twist my ankle, not to drown, and not to get run over by a car,” Marcus joked.

But for Marcus, weight loss wasn’t just about his own physical health.

“I started realizing that I hurt my whole family,” he said. “And me becoming healthy made me realize that my family wanted to be healthy.”

Marcus has a 14 year old son named Jackson. Jackson has been so inspired by his dad’s weight loss success, the teen began to work out too. He’s lost 80 pounds since August.

“I didn’t wanna be like my dad, that 500-pound man,” Jackson admitted.

Marcus couldn’t be happier. Instead of being the unhealthy dad who worries his son, he’s has become the healthy dad who inspires his son.

“Losing my weight has changed the DNA of my entire family,” Marcus says. “It’s rubbing off on everybody, and it’s for the better.”

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