Navasota: A Historic Blend of Blues, Railroads, & Wine

Recently, on my way to somewhere else, I decided to go out of my way to visit Navasota.  I’ve lived close to it for a long time, and heard about it often, but never had occasion to go there and see it for myself.  So I decided it was about time I crossed it off my to-do list.

Just a bit southeast of College Station, Navasota is an amazing little town full of Texas history and character.  Downtown Navasota still wears some of the character that it adopted when it became a rail town over 150 years ago; its businesses cluster together in a still-bustling downtown that is bisected by the rail line.  Clothing stores, antique shops, gift shops, resale stores, and boutiques sit proudly on the main street in downtown.  The shops are joined by a very funky and modern rock-and-roll-themed coffee shop, as well as a live theater venue.

Navasota Victorian Historic House

Take a drive east from downtown and you’ll encounter gorgeous Victorian homes lining the main thoroughfare, and down the side streets.  A few blocks off the main road, you’ll find interesting stone churches that recall a much earlier era.  And just north of downtown is a tiny pocket park with a sweet statue and plaque honoring Mance Lipscomb, a blues musician who hailed from Navasota.  He accounts for the reason the city calls itself ‘The Blues Capital of Texas’ and hosts a blues festival every spring.  The town offers dining options covering everything from steak to barbecue to Mexican food to burger joints.

Navasota Historic Church

Navasota offers something for visitors year round.  Its proximity to Washington on the Brazos State Park – the Birthplace of Texas – makes for an easy trip to examine the history of the founding of the state.  The Texas Renaissance Festival is nearby too, and College Station offers plenty to see and do with just a few minutes’ drive.  The Grimes county courthouse just up the road in Anderson is a darling find, and rumor has it that Chuck Norris owns property out that way.  There are half a dozen wineries in and around Navasota, offering visitors tours and activities throughout the year.  And for someone wanting to take advantage of all there is to do in town and nearby, Navasota has both affordable and beautiful B&Bs and chain hotel options.  

Navasota Historic Victorian House

I took way too long to visit Navasota, and I’m impatient to go back for a longer visit.  Surrounded by Texas history and full of events and activities, Navasota is one small town worth visiting again and again, and I certainly intend to.

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