HEB Recalls Bread That Might Have Rubber In It

Does your Hill Country bread seem unusually chewy? Does it bounce when you throw it? When you make toast does it smell like a tire fire? Does it have “Best By April 29” stamped on the bag? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your bread may have rubber in it. But probably not.

HEB recalls are comparatively rare, and their products are pretty much always top notch. Nevertheless, things happen, and somebody found a bit of rubber in their bread. In an abundance of caution, HEB has recalled all Hill Country Fare sandwich bread with a best by date on or before April 29. While this seems to be an isolated incident, HEB doesn’t want to take any chances.

Bread purchased in the San Antonio area, Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and Corpus Christi stores are exempt from this recall. Here is a list of all the breads being recalled:

Hill Country Fare Thin 4122046090 orange, green, blue
Hill Country Fare Extra Thin 4122064420 orange, green
Hill Country Fare Wheat 4122078985 orange, green, blue
H-E-B Extra Thin 4122084868 orange, green, blue
H-E-B Round Top White 4122035774 orange, green, blue
H-E-B Split Top White 4122088001 orange, green, blue
H-E-B Texas Toast 4122062888 orange, green
H-E-B 100% Whole Wheat 4122003278 orange, green, blue
H-E-B Split Top Honey Wheat 4122003108 orange, green, blue

If you bought this bread you can take it back to your local HEB store and get a refund. If you have questions about HEB recalls or other products, please call HEB Customer Service at 1-855-432-4438.

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