Top 25 Best Mexican Restaurants in Greater Houston (According To Our Readers)

Our readers are muy maravilloso! If anyone knows how to judge a fajita, or a margarita, or chips and queso, it should be them. In fact, in a recent survey we asked “What are the best Mexican Restaurants in Greater Houston?” and by golly we got feedback. Our question generated so many responses that we had to consolidate them into the Top 25 Best Mexican Restaurants in Greater Houston.

Feature photo of Hugo’s Chile Relleno: a chile pepper stuffed with chicken & Chihuahua cheese, with arroz a la Mexicana and frijoles a la olla.

We’ve sorted them by location and organized the locations alphabetically. We’ve included their overall social media and review site ratings, plus links so you can easily get directions and find more info. You’ll also notice that most of these aren’t chains, but family owned small businesses. If they are chains, they’re Texas sprung. Restaurants with five stars (★★★★★) and over 500 reviews get an apropos “HOLY GUACAMOLE!” by their listing.

North Houston / The Woodlands
Northeast Houston / Kingwood
Northwest Houston  / Spring / Cypress
Downtown Houston / Montrose
Southeast Houston / South Houston / Pasadena
Southwest Houston / Sugarland / Missouri City
West Houston / Westwood / Katy

Know a fabulous Mexican Restaurant that we missed? Post your recommendation in the comments below!

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