Henderson’s Armadillo Racing, Guns & Oil, OTC Showdown Benefits Texas Children’s

We know. You clicked on that link because you were like, “Armadillo racing? When? Where?” You are not alone. We too are super enthusiastic about the prospect of witnessing our little armored brethren waddle (or do they skitter?) in a mad dash toward the finish line. But that’s not all Henderson is planning.

Henderson Rigs & Equipment is a Houston-based all-American supplier of new and remanufactured drilling rigs and drilling equipment. Their corporate offices are off Jackrabbit and their rig up yard and equipment ship are in Humble (pronounced ‘Umble in case you’re an outatowner).

On Friday, May 3, 6:00 – 11:00 PM, Henderson is hosting an invitation-only event at The Armadillo Palace to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital. The event will feature live music, drinks by Guns & Oil Brewing, and the afore mentioned Armadillo Racing.

So we’ve got a story on The Pink Armadillo involving Armadillo Racing happening at The Armadillo Palace. Did we mention armadillos? It’s like a trifecta.

Hats off to Henderson for hosting an event for such a wonderful cause as Texas Children’s. It’s so great to see local companies benefitting local charities and helping out kids and families in need.

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