#OTCShowdown: Armadillos Cure Cancer Thanks to Henderson & Zadock

When most people think of the oil industry, they think of big money and busy business. Thanks to industry leaders such as Henderson and Zadock Technologies, they should also think of charity and community.

Houston oil and gas entrepreneurs, Dan Henderson and Brian Cook, are joining forces to raise funds for Texas Children’s Hospital. The Guns & Oil OTC Showdown will take place tonight at Goode Company Armadillo Palace, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM. The event will feature live music by Texas favorites, Jason Cassidy and John Booth. There will also be armadillo racing and gun raffles with all proceeds going directly to help children battling cancer and their families.

“The point is to make a difference,” says Henderson CEO Dan Henderson. “As two local Houston powerhouses in the onshore and offshore drilling market, we are coming together to make sure that OTC means helping those in need.”

OTC is the Offshore Technology Conference happening right now NRG Park in Houston. Founded in 1969, the event provides rich networking opportunities to energy professionals. It also serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and opinions that can advance science, technology, business flow, and environmental conservation for offshore resources.

“There is no better way to show up for people facing challenging times than to support Texas Children’s Hospital,” said Zadok Technologies CEO Brian Cook. “TCH is one of Houston’s top non-profits and one of the nation’s top ranked children’s hospitals. It’s part of Houston’s hometown heartbeat and helps thousands of people every year.”

While the oil and gas market has felt more uncertain than usual in recent years, Henderson says the importance of helping others is always certain.

“In the rough and tumble Texas oil and gas market, it’s good for everyone to remember those in need and do what we can to support them, even if times are hard. Our market is known for some of the great entrepreneurial cowboys in the world. When the going gets tough, we don’t give in. We saddle up and help out to make make lives better.”

The fundraising goal for Guns & Oil OTC Showdown is $50,000. Use #OTCShowdown on Twitter to follow the event. To make a donation, email Henderson here.

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