8 Quick Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Wifey Under $50

OK you procrastinators. Thanks to The Pink Armadillo you’re getting off easy this year. Here’s a list of gift ideas you should be able to pull together in a snap for not too much moolah. That’s right. I’m going to let you in on a big secret. More than diamonds and gadgets, what your wife really wants is your time and attention. I’d take a few hours of TLC over bling any day (although, bling is nice too, so if you got her bling, you go!). The following are sentimental ideas that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Please Note: All these gifts are recommended to be accompanied by a handwritten card and a bottle of wine.

Hand. Written. Card.


And if you get flowers, that’s always a plus. My husband recently asked me, “Are flowers cliche?” Well, yes. But that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes things are popular because they’re a really great idea. And girls love flowers. It’s in our DNA or something.  OK, no more chit-chat. Without further ado, here are …

8 Quick Gift Ideas for the Wifey

Build A Spa

Transform your master bathroom into a spa situation … with you as the masseur! Swing by HEB and grab a scented candle or a bag of tea lights, scented bath salts, bubble bathfoot lotion, a pumice stone, massage oil, body lotion, and a nice refreshing face mask. If you can, coordinate similar fragrances for each item. Either go with fragrance-free, a relaxing scent like lavender, a refreshing scent like peppermint, or a neutral scent like coconut or vanilla. Using 3 or 4 different scents is fine. 10+ might be a bit much.  You’ll notice that some of the products I linked to are baby products. You’ll find them in the baby isle. They’re very gentle, soothing, relaxing, and are usually a cost-effective alternative to adult products which are crazy over-priced and tend to use stronger perfumes. I actually prefer Johnson & Johnson lavender baby lotion, bubble bath, and mineral oil to any other product I’ve tried.

On Mother’s Day weekend, float your tea candles in a bowl or arrange them around the tub. Let your wife soak in fragrant bliss. While she’s in there, throw a towel in the drier so it’s nice and warm when she gets out. Then use two hot wet towels, massage the foot lotion on her feet, and wrap her feet and lower legs in the hot towels. While her feet soak in the lotion, apply the face mask and give her a hand or neck massage. Then, a back massage is in order. We’ll just stop there and let you figure out the rest.

Make a Photo Album / Scrapbook … Together

Get a pretty photo album or scrapbook. They’re on sale this week at Hobby Lobby. Print out photos at your local Walgreens or CVS. Then spend time working on assembling it together over coffee or a glass of wine. It will be so nostalgic looking over memories together, and she’ll appreciate you spending time with her.

Her High School Playlist

Download her favorite songs from her youth and make a compilation CD or playlist. The cornier the better! Now get out a board game you played as a kid, like Clue or Monopoly, and enjoy a musical evening while chatting and relaxing with your sweetheart.

A List Of Why You Love Her

ESTIMATED COST: $0.50 (you’ll need a pen)
My hubby did this for me one year, and honestly, it’s the only anniversary gift that stands out clearly in my mind. We have a journal we occasionally write important memories in. One year he wrote a list of 100 things he loves about me, or appreciates that I do. Granted, 50 or even 20 would do the trick, but 100 is a nice round number. You could get a journal and make this the first entry, or put it on some pretty paper so she can add it to a photo album.

Dessert On The Town


People go out to dinner all the time. Usually you’re so full after dinner that you turn down dessert. Well, this time, skip dinner and just go out for dessert and maybe drinks. Or, finish up the evening at home with a bottle of wine and her favorite movie.

“Time is the water that makes relationships blossom.”

Build A Tea Kit

If your wife loves tea, but doesn’t have any gadgets or a broad assortment, this is a cute idea. You can find a Tea Pot at Target for around $20. Now go pick out some fancy looking tea. Make her a little kit with 5-10 selections of both herbal and caffeinated. There are even pre-packaged tea gift sets, tea infusers, and tea cups to make your shopping extra easy.

Sprouts Snack Basket


For the busy mom who forgets to eat and gets hangry, swing by Sprout’s bulk food isle and pack her five to ten snacks to get her through the week. Nuts and dried fruit are great for the mom on a health kick. Seriously though, be sure to include some dark chocolate covered cashews and white chocolate pretzels too. It’s practical TLC every day all week long.

DIY Wine & Bites

Grab a bottle of her favorite wine. I’m assuming here that y’all like $10-$15 bottles like we do. Bogle, Plumber Head, and Norton are all nice. Of course, ask your HEB or Kroger wine consultant if you’re looking for sweet or something fancy-schmancy because that’s beyond my usual territory. Now go get you some strawberries, cherries, a few cheeses (smoked Gouda is lovely), black licorice (the legit gooey kind, not Twizzlers), dark chocolate, and maybe some warm French bread from the bakery. Now go enjoy a delicious evening with your lady and chat over candle-light and relaxing music. Maybe play cards or chess. Take your time. Time is the water that makes relationships blossom.

Good luck handsome!

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