A Vintage Southern Breakfast Bar & Cafe with a European Twist

The Breakfast Brunch Cafe is an elegant little eatery off The Boardwalk at Towne Lake, a fresh new shopping area along the water. While The Boardwalk buzzes with activity on weekends and evenings, it’s sleepily peaceful in the mornings. There was a gentleman restocking a Free Little Library, a small flock of teen girls in matching tees, and a dozen or so young moms pushing strollers.

Boardwalk at Towne Lake
The Boardwalk at Towne Lake in Cypress, Texas, features a town square where children frolic and live bands love to play.

The restaurant is located along a roundabout in a modern storefront flanked with wood, stone, and corrugated steel. The interior is no less industrial. There are natural wood grains, galvanized metals, and Edison inspired lighting. All the ingredients are locally sourced and superbly fresh. The pastries are handmade and even the extra thick bacon seemed peppered by gourmet artistry.

The $15 bottomless mimosas with fresh-squeezed orange juice were tempting, but I can never drink too early or I’m drowsy for the rest of the day. If we go in the afternoon next time I’d love to try the Bourbon Smash Sour, which looks absolutely divine. There’s also a lovely fresh squeezed juice bar, the coffee is excellent, and there’s a small selection of wine and beer.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe
Image courtesy of Breakfast Brunch Cafe on The Boardwalk at Towne Lake.

Jason had the Bananas Foster French Toast at $14, and I had The Ham and Cheese for $10. Don’t get me wrong, mine was delicious; scrambled eggs, cheese, and house-smoked ham wrapped in a flaky baked pastry the size of a taco.

However, the Bananas Foster French Toast was transcendent. Thick slabs of soft toasted brioche were drizzled in a citrus infused brown sugar syrup and sprinkled in roasted walnuts. Sliced bananas and cinnamon topped it all off, and even my kids – who usually eat like birds – absolutely devoured their portions. In fact, they may or may not have licked their plates. Oh my lands! It was a beautiful thing.

Breakfast Brunch Cafe
Photo courtesy of Breakfast Brunch Cafe of their scrumptious Banana Foster French Toast.

Next time I plan to try the Duck Benedict which comes with sweet potato latkes, sunny side egg, mushrooms, maltese sauce, duck demi glace and watercress.

The menu also includes Southern inspired favorites like Chicken & Waffles, Shrimp & Grits, Steak & Eggs, and Texas Gulf Fish Tacos.

Don’t wait too late though. This fabulous little cafe opens at 7AM, but closes at 3PM, and it’s totally closed on Mondays.

Yet another strike against Mondays.

So, anytime you’re breakfasting or brunching or lunching in the Cypress area, I highly recommend Breakfast Brunch Cafe at the Boardwalk on Towne Lake.

Boardwalk Towne Lake Cypress
The town square at The Boardwalk at Towne Lake features faux grass and a safe clean area for young children to play.

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