Granddaughter Seeks 1967 GTO To Grant Ailing Grandpa Last Ride

In his late 80’s, Wayne Stogsdill of Lake Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. The grandfather has suffered ongoing health challenges, and his granddaughter is out to raise his spirits. She wants to give him one last ride in his dream car, a 1967 GTO.  Wayne once owned a 1967 GTO, and he has always regretted selling it. His niece, Alane Roberts of Tomball, has shared the following information on Facebook:

Her post reads: “LAKE CHARLES FRIENDS!! This is my precious Uncle, Wayne Stogsdill. He is in his late 80s, has been given a cancer diagnosis and also was hospitalized with an infection from a previous surgery. His adorable granddaughter is trying to find a 1967 GTO for him to take a ride in. It was his dream car years ago and he has always regretted selling it. Please help me grant this wish! They just want to give him another ride in his dream car. Please PM me if you know anyone in the Lake Charles area with a 1967 GTO that would love to help make someone very wonderful very very happy!! Please SHARE if you have friends in the Lake Charles area!”

You can message Alane on Facebook here.

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