Texas Antifa Talks Tactics, Calls Houston Press “Pro Houston Antifa”

We recently covered the upcoming June 10th Antifa protest against the Sam Houston monument in Hermann Park, as well as an apparent spat between the Houston Antifa and Texas Antifa groups. After the Houston Chronicle, BuzzFeed, Houston Press, KPRC, and several other media outlets got little to nothing out of the elusive Texas Antifa, our curiosity was piqued. We decided to reach out ourselves, and we were not disappointed.

Not only has Texas Antifa confirmed its authenticity to us, but they claim that journalists at The Houston Press are actually supporters of Houston Antifa, which is a front for BLM. As good ol’ fashioned Texas gals, all we can say to that is, “Oh dear!” We have not yet reached out to Houston Press for comment, but we will be following up soon.

Interestingly enough, Houston Press journalist Craig Malisow threw Houston Chronicle’s Craig Hlavaty and KPRC under the metaphorical bus in an article titled, Houston Chronicle, KPRC Duped by Alt-Right Trolls Over Sam Houston Protest.

Malisow went so far as to say, “Texas Antifa is an alt-right troll group that stole the name of a self-described anti-fascist group … Unfortunately, KPRC and the Chronicle failed to dig a little deeper.”

That, however, seems to be less than the truth. Malisow included a snarky-yet-harmless quote by a Texas Antifa representative (who he described as a “hack”) in his article, but it is unclear why he assumed they were alt-right hecklers, or why he feels so passionately about the Facebook tiff of a a few anonymous left-wing activist groups.

In response to the piece, Texas Antifa has given us a surprising scoop on their June 10th event. Trust us, it’s not what you think. In fact, it’s basically a marketing stunt to promote their message against what they feel are symbols of oppression. They say they’re even considering pulling out of the event over concerns that groups like BLM and Black Panthers might incite violence. Violence by other groups, they say, only serves to tarnish Antifa’s messaging and reputation.

Thank you so much for your time answering my questions.

Thanks. This the longest interview we have given. As Click 2 [KPRC] reported, we wouldn’t talk, so we turned around and insulted them, saying, “We don’t talk to fascist media,” which they showed on air. We said that the second time because they lied on their first report. Houston Press got almost nothing because they are pro Houston Antifa. We knew none of those would give us a fair voice.

Houston Antifa has accused Texas Antifa of being a fake group created as a joke by alt-right activists. The Houston Press also reported this. What’s your reaction to this accusation?

First, I will say same thing we said to Buzzfeed. They’re mad because they are losing a huge following, although this has weakened the numbers on both sides. They are a ruse; BLM members in disguise running it. We went our separate ways. Take a good look and you will see they didn’t start their smash campaign until we publicly said we didn’t want BLM at this event. That was exactly the intent on our side to prove they are BLM operated. We are considering calling off the event because now it’s obvious BLM and Panthers plan on being there, which is not what we wanted at all. Things can go terribly wrong.

“Houston Press got almost nothing because they are pro Houston Antifa.”

Assuming it still goes on, what’s your goal for the June 10 event?

As far as the monument, do we really expect to have it taken down? Not at all. It has, however, caused us to not only get a ton of hate, but a ton of members as a group that will actually do something.

Next, we are tired of violence. That method hasn’t accomplished anything. Houston Antifa hasn’t done anything, ever, except post links to what others are doing. They are also set in the mindset of violence. This mindset prevents Antifa from being taken seriously.

Finally, do we want to rename Houston city? No. Even if 100% of the country wanted to rename it, it would be an impossible task.

“We are tired of violence. That method hasn’t accomplished anything.”

So basically, you feel that Houston Antifa are a front for BLM, and Houston Press is supportive of them. Can anyone start a group and call it Antifa, or do you have to be approved by other Antifa organizers?

Antifa is almost exactly like Anonymous; there’s no head or leadership to cut off. Houston Antifa is having a baby-fit because a new team split off and took their glory. They even tried a little stunt of opening another page and then accusing us of hacking their main page. Yet, that didn’t go wild, so they deleted the posts from the supposedly hacked page. See the screen shot I just took of it [below]. They are desperate that we are changing things.

Texas Antifa
Will the real Antifa please stand up?

We are appreciative of the time Texas Antifa took answering our questions, particularly since they shunned much larger media outlets. We hope to follow up with a response from the Houston Press, and we plan to cover the June 10 event.

As Texas Antifa noted, there are other groups planning to show up. So, whether or not Texas Antifa remains involved, something is going down at Hermann Park on June 10th. We’re just not quite sure what yet.

There also remains some confusion over who the real (or most official) local Antifa group is. Is it just us or is anyone else thinking of a particular Eminem song? No doubt, one of the challenges of wearing masks and maintaining an anonymous group is that other anonymous groups in identical masks can show up, and then no one is sure whether or not it’s really not you or not. However, it sounds to us like a very organic and unorganized organization. After all, that’s kind of the whole point, right?

Antifa Anti-Oppression Rally / Sam Houston Protest

June 10, 11AM – 1PM
Hermann Park, Sam Houston Monument
6001 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030

Updated for clarity, 6/1/2017

8 thoughts on “Texas Antifa Talks Tactics, Calls Houston Press “Pro Houston Antifa”

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  1. the screenshots they sent you are fake, they even changed their name to be Houston Antifa instead of Texas antifa so both the pages had the same name. the page where all this took place that you are writing a story on is facebook.com/texasantifa/ it is not facebook.com/houstonantifa like they made it say int he photoshop and it is obviously photoshopped looking around the comments and the word “official” disappears from their name after their first post in the comments. if someone changes their name then it changes in all their comments, their name wouldn’t be different in different comments. anyone would spot this as fake.


    1. Yes, I’m aware that it is very confusing. However, I am also aware of who I interviewed, and it was the Texas Antifa page. There is definitely a protest going down on June 10. Wait and see, and then you can tell me it didn’t happen. Over 2,000 people are expected to attend and HPD is coordinating security.


  2. We waited and we saw………. Nothing…… That person you interviewed is either a troll or a coward. Because the only people who showed up is the ALT-Right and White Supremacist. No Antifa, no BLM, No Black Panthers, no Quanell X….


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