Here’s Your Hurricane Kit Shopping List

Hurricane Season is officially here and we’ve got your Hurricane Kit shopping list. As someone who went a week without power and several days without clean water during Hurricane Ike, trust me, you should get these thingies. Experts at Colorado State University and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration predict that this year’s hurricane season will be busier than normal. In fact, they’re predicting a whopping 14 storms, but only 2 to 4 of those are guessed to be category 3 or higher. Despite the fact that predicting the weather is about as woolly an art as, well, predicting the weather, it is wise to be prepared.

Of course, here in the Houston area flooding is the most common hazard. Any time you’re driving in a storm, watch out for flash floods which can swallow roadways and creep into homes in a matter of seconds. Also, don’t be “that guy” who tried to drive through the super-big-puddle and stalled. Just don’t.

Hurricane Kit Items:

  • Water – At least seven day supply (one gallon per person per day)
  • Food – At least seven day supply of nonperishable/canned food
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Battery powered radio
  • Medications and special items (pain relievers, diapers, etc.)
  • Tools and supplies
  • Sanitation (toilet paper, personal hygiene items, etc.)
  • Change of clothes and bedding
  • Cash
  • Important family documents (birth certificates, insurance / bank account information, etc.)
  • Food, water and medicine for your pets
  • Kennels or crates for pets

You might also consider entertainment for the kids. Trust me, when the power goes out, the Vita dies, and the Kindle needs to be charged, things get serious.

Tips For Weathering A Hurricane:

  • Continue to monitor your local TV and radio stations.
  • Fill bathtubs and all available containers with water.
  • Turn off utilities, if requested.
  • Remain indoors in a closet, bathroom or hallway
    on the lowest level of your house, away from any
  • Cover yourself and your family members with a
    mattress or a dining room table to protect yourself
    from flying debris.
  • If your home floods, turn off the main power.

Check out Harris County Judge Ed Emmett’s Disaster Preparedness Guide here (PDF).

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