Texans to Protest Antifa, Send Angry Message to Abbott on HB 1359

In response to Antifa’s planned protest against the Sam Houston Monument in Hermann Park, Texan patriots are assembling a tremendous counter-protest called This Is Texas. Over 1,500 people have RSVPed to attend the June 10th demonstration, and another 3,500 have said they hope to. Today we talked to Brandon Burkhart, a This Is Texas event coordinator. For those hesitating to attend over concerns of violent protesters, Brandon has assured us of a heavy Houston Police presence, medics on hand, teams patrolling with bottled water, and of course several thousand patriotic Texans.

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Among other things, This Is Texas hopes to send Governor Abbott and other Texas representatives a loud and clear message that Texans want HB 1359 passed quickly, especially in light of the recent removal of so many historic monuments in New Orleans, Louisiana.

HB 1359 would make it illegal for anyone to remove a historic statue, monument, or memorial without first obtaining approval from Texas legislature, the Texas Historical Commission, or the State Preservation Board. According to HB 1359, failure to obtain approval could result in a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

I’ll start with the obvious question first. Why do you think it’s vital we protect our historic monuments?
Preserving our Texas monuments is very important because those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it. Good or bad, this is our heritage and our history needs to be preserved to help ensure our continued freedom. Sam Houston did a lot of wonderful things for our state and for our country. It’s safe to say that without Sam Houston, there would be no Texas. We want HB 1359 passed and we want our heritage and our history protected.

What do you think of the Take ‘Em Down NOLA movement that’s succeeded in getting so many New Orleans area statues removed?
It’s a true shame that the monuments there were removed. When it comes down to it, they’re all important, because as I said before, you must understand history and remember the past or you’re doomed to repeat it. These statues, sadly, became a lightening rod for the Left, who claim that the statues are racist symbols of white supremacy. They’re using them as leverage to push their agenda.

To us, race has nothing to do with it. These are part of our history as Americans. Like it or not, whether you’re offended by history or not, these statues are about American history, not racism. They’re about remembering the past, remembering where we came from, and what our forefathers did and went through to get us to where we are today.

Playing Devil’s advocate here, but why do you think taking down statues won’t help alleviate racial tensions in the US?
Like I mentioned, these statues aren’t about racism. They’re about history. They’re about the truth. At some point, everybody’s going to have to pull up their big-boy-pants, and their big-girl-pants, and sit down have a discussion. Talk to each other. Communicate. If you know your history, Sam Houston was opposed to slavery. Yes, he owned slaves, but he was also staunchly opposed to joining to the Confederacy, so much so that he was removed as governor when Texas did join.

What do you think will help resolve the racial tension we’re seeing?
After 9/11, racial tension hit an all time low. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, you name it; we were all united as one people and it was an incredible thing. I don’t want to imply that we need to suffer something terrible like that ever again, but we need to get back to that unity. We need to love our brothers and reach out as fellow Americans. We need to become neighbors again instead of fighting against each other.

What do you and your team hope to prove at this counter-protest?
There are two goals. First, we are sending a clear message to Antifa, the Black Panthers, and all these other Left wing extremists: Trying to remove our monuments will not fly. We as Texans will mobilize to protect our monuments at a moment’s notice. This current event we’re planning, we put this together in just a few weeks, and here we are expecting several thousand people. I think that sends a pretty clear message.

Second, we want Governor Abbott and our Texas legislators to hear us loud and clear. It’s shameful that we as citizens have to go to such extremes just to protect our history. HB 1359 was on the table and it should have passed without this stall. We’ve organized; we’re calling our legislators and we invite all other Texans to join us in calling our representatives and praying that HB 1359 passes this summer.

Antifa Counter Protest
Saturday, 10:00 AM
Sam Houston Monument, Hermann Park

Event Description: Antifa has announced a protest and are bringing several large communist groups together to host a rally around the Museum District in Houston, Texas on June 10, 2017. These groups include the Black Panther Party, Antifa, and more. Their goal is to remove the Sam Houston statue. Many of these communist activists are emboldened after their successes in New Orleans where they brought down many Confederate monuments.
View the Facebook Event Page

Who Can You Call to Support HB 1359?

Texans, we need to apply pressure on Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Legislators, the author and sponsor of HB 1359. Below are some numbers to call. We ask that every Texan calls these numbers once a day. Special Session starts in July and we want the combination of pressure on these politicians, videos and photos from the rally, and the petition to all come together to show these folks that HB 1359 has lots of support from Texans. Please be polite and informative when calling. We also ask those that do to pray for HB 1359 to pass.

Thank you,

This Is Texas.

TX Gov. Greg Abbott

Rep. Wayne Faircloth
House District 23

Rep. Charles (Doc) Anderson
House District 56
Sponsored HB1359. The Confederate Monuments at Waco Oak Wood Cemetery have suffered vandalism and damage several times. Rep. Anderson will be interested in seeing HB 1359 passed.

13 thoughts on “Texans to Protest Antifa, Send Angry Message to Abbott on HB 1359

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  1. Here’s an idea, take the money to restore your monuments away from welfare funds. Perhaps once they see their own wallets being impacted, they’ll rethink their vandalism..


  2. Until we the people say no more!! They will continue to ask for safe spaces with binkies and crayons. We must stand together and stop these people from destroying our countries history. This never would have been an issue before obama took office, this all started the day he took office. Enough !!!!!


  3. I don’t think racially-biased comments are helpful. We do not even know if there is actually a serious effort to take down the statue of Sam Houston or what is behind this event, which should be over by now. But if racial tension is part of what divides us and weakens us, making unfair assumptions and hurling insults is not going to make this country better…


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