Anonymous Declares War On Antifa & BLM: “Don’t Mess With Texas History”

It seems we have all been elaborately punked. The anti-fascist group, known as Texas Antifa, is not Antifa at all. The purpose of the June 10th protest was never to tear down the Sam Houston Monument in Hermann Park. Rather, the protest was a meticulously planned demonstration designed to stir up Texans, impassion patriots, disturb left-wing activist groups, and make Americans think long and hard about the relevance of the historic monuments in their midst. It was all about eliciting a counter-protest, and it worked.

Texas Antifa was a front for Anonymous.

In George Orwell’s 1984, Winston’s job is to rewrite old newspaper articles, and destroy the originals, so that history validated the Outer Party’s narrative and Big Brother’s agenda. As one Anonymous Twitter account recently quipped, “1984 was not a user manual. It’s written to warn us.”

For those unfamiliar with Anonymous, they’re an international shadow-network of activists and hacktivists commonly identified by Guy Fawkes masks and the iconic Headless Suit logo. Spawned on 4chan, they’ve rained their geek-wrath down on a vast assortment of targets, from The Church of Scientology, to child pornography websites, to Donald Trump.

Most recently they’ve made headlines for declaring war on ISIS, hacking the terrorist’s Twitter accounts and replacing their profile photos with rainbow flags and gay porn. Some view Anonymous as cyber terrorists. Others think they’re tech-savvy Robin Hoods. Whatever the case, their latest targets are the likes of Antifa, BLM, Black Panthers, Take ‘Em Down NOLA, and anyone else who attempts to sanitize history and censor the truth.

Following our previous interview with Texas Antifa (AKA Anonymous), we stayed in touch with the elusive group. As we conversed via Facebook Messenger, their tone gradually changed. The pretense of petulance subsided and a more analytical conversationalist emerged. It wasn’t long before the truth (or as close as we could hope to get to the truth) was revealed.

A civilized country preserves its history in order to learn from it, as well as to honor those who had leading parts in its history. Many gave more than their life, they gave their blood, sweat, and effort every day to build the best country they could for their future descendants. Statues, for the most part, are how we honor those who worked so hard to give us what we have today. Only those of little accomplishment who have no respect for the past would wish these monuments to be gone. Only a State that has no regard for history would fail to immediately pass a sweeping law [HB 1359] protecting them in light of the recent actions in Louisiana.” – Anonymous

We still don’t know who our interviewee is. He, she, or they are very adept at staying focused on their purpose. Even when we tried to shift to a more casual, personal tone, they kept any details about their lifestyle, profession, and habits private. Images sent to us were scrubbed of data. What we do know is that they’re in Texas, and they have operatives throughout local activist groups and media organizations.

Below is a declaration video which Anonymous sent to us via private link shortly prior to the June 10 demonstration.

The video is scrolling text which reads, “Antifa, Left, Right, BLM, Media, 4Chan, Reddit, and many others just got spoofed and trolled (strolled). You all blamed all the wrong groups. You blamed out of hate, not proof. You’ve all been strolled in god-mode. We spoofed everyone into a non-existent Antifa event.

We controlled the time. We controlled the place. Yet we never invited anyone. Despite the humor, the reason is serious.

History should never be destroyed. History should be preserved. It was always an Anonymous event to drive support and attention to an expired Texas law [HB 1359] that protected its historical monuments. It never made it to the floor because the Democrats used a filibuster to run out the time so it could not be voted on. Proving that the politicians you rely so much on are the problem, not ‘each other.’

We knew a group was planning an event coded ‘TEDT,’ due to this law’s expiration and NOLA successes. So we mass strolled before they could initiate any attack. We chose Sam Houston because most on all sides would stand against its removal. Make no mistake though, its legal protection is currently gone thanks to Austin Democrats. It wasn’t the Republicans this time.

Thank you Texans. You stood your ground. Texas is safe from such attacks now.

Our final message: Stop the violence!!! The world is on its knees begging.

Directed by Strollmaster (eg: Spoof Troll, Stroller) {yeah we just made that term up}.

We are BLM. We are Antifa. We are the Left. We are the Right. We are 4chan. We are Reddit. We are Facebook. We are Twitter. We are Everyone. We know all.”

Here is The Pink Armadillo’s exclusive interview with Anonymous:

This is obviously an elaborately coordinated stunt. How did this all start?

We’ve actually been working on it for three months. We have trolled and spoofed across many sites. Even 4chan admins came out saying this Antifa event was real. We’ve pranked the ultimate internet pranksters. While it’s not actually a prank, 4chan will see it as such from their viewpoint. Thus far, everyone has been wrong about who’s behind it all. Perfect example of people blaming those they hate most because it “seems” obvious to them. This human habit is why disinformation campaigns are successful.

So why Sam Houston?

Take ‘Em Down NOLA was trying to get followers in Texas (and other states) to continue their success. We chose Sam Houston in Houston because the statue is loved by both Left and Right (except for the most extreme Leftists) and would be defended by both. We chose June 10th because with three major Antifa events going on, Antifa would be spread thin and not be a serious problem. We believe this can put an end to Take ‘Em Down NOLA, and put a serious line of distrust within the Antifa ranks. After all, we are embedded, there’s no way to know which social groups we control.

We (Anonymous) are in an online war with ISIS and pedophiles. As such, it seemed fitting to extend this war to those who would choose to behave similar to ISIS as Antifa is doing.

Would you describe your segment of Anonymous as Right or Left?

I’d say far more centered between the two. We don’t want to lean extreme to either side. There are different segments of Anonymous, but they are given certain rules. You will never see one Anonymous group go against another. That’s why you won’t see Anonymous defend Antifa in this instance.

Would you say anonymity also protects your members from groups like Black Panthers or the Alt Right who sometimes protest or counter-protest at your events?

Oh, it certainly does. While the Right disagrees with our use of covering our faces, their own Bundy Ranch fiasco is a perfect example of the protection needed. The government waited years to go after some of them, and were able to identify them with pictures. Had their faces been covered, that couldn’t have happened. Some of them did cover their faces, and the Right does cover their faces in certain situations. Remind you of a certain Goose/Gander phrase?

You’ve mention that many Antifa groups are fronts for, or infiltrated by, BLM. How do you know this?

We have people almost everywhere, in every group. We even did what we could to prove it, by making sure BLM knew they were not invited to the Sam Houston event. Only then did Houston Antifa get hostile. Makes it kind of obvious. Houston Antifa has, to this day, ignored the allegations. The counter protest does not know. We knew someone would create one.

We are working on crushing Antifa unless they change tactics. Houston Antifa, among a few others we’re aware of, are actually BLM. We know this by comparing pictures of BLM events to Antifa events and finding faces involved with both. We know who the Houston Antifa admin is by using a word text association algorithm. All posts on the page are pulled into a database. People usually don’t realize that they type the same way everywhere and have certain phrases, punctuation ticks, etcetera, that identify them. He was identified right away.

You’ve said Houston Antifa has BLM members in it, and that they have pull at Houston Press. Are there Antifa or BLM members writing or working for Houston Press, or is Houston Press just friendly to the groups?

We don’t know if any work for the publication. We only know they are friendly towards them based on previous history.

Many activist groups like Antifa and BLM have been involved in riots and crime. How do you explain why Anonymous is different?

Without proper or intelligent leadership, it’s easy to end up with a mob mentality.

So, you created a fake Antifa group. You coordinated a fake protest to elicit counter-protests. You hoaxed the local media – even The Houston Chronicle – into thinking Texas Antifa was really a new Antifa faction. In a nutshell, what is Anonymous’s agenda in all this?

Our goal currently is to bring down the violence you previously mentioned, and to push for better leadership. Antifa as a whole needs a full overhaul.

What do you say to those dismissing this event as a “hoax”?

Saying Antifa is behind it is a hoax. Yet NOLA was not a hoax. The expired law in Texas that protected our monuments is not a hoax. The need to force its renewal is not a hoax. Texan’s respect for the forefathers of the State is not a hoax. In light of Berkeley and Austin, anger towards Antifa was fresh on the minds of Texans. You could say everything lined up perfect as if devised by a higher power well beyond currently involved parties for some reason, if you believe in such. If so, then this will likely have far more reaching changes than a simple law protecting monuments.

Check out our previous interview with Brandon Burkhart, one of the coordinators of This Is Texas, who’s June 10 counter protest event drew over 1,000 Texans in support of HB 1359 and preserving Texas history.

35 thoughts on “Anonymous Declares War On Antifa & BLM: “Don’t Mess With Texas History”

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  1. This is hack reporting. Anyone who understands what Anon is will first off acknowledge that anyone can claim to be Anon… Reporting what a small group of people do is not representative as a whole. With the 2016 there was an influx of people who flooded into the sub culture. That they could act like racist bigots. This is not what Anon actually represents. Stop with your fake news.


    1. You don’t know what we represent, Troll. We had nothing to do with the counter event, simply presented the conditions for it. ~X


  2. Fantastic, Jennifer! I love that I can get reliable information on great burgers and Anonymous’ agendas on the same website. Thank you to Anonymous for taking time to explain an interesting POV and clever method to starting and fueling a discussion about history towards the end of change and necessary public action. Looking forward to seeing continued skillful wielding of your consistent interview powers, Jennifer!


    1. Thanks Alexa! That really means a lot to me. I’m always curious and have a passion for figuring out how interesting people tick. This interview was something I never expected to land. It’s been a dream opportunity for me as a writer. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my other work as well. Thank you so much 🙂


  3. Great article!! Love the interview. Only closed minded people would think you are anonymous lol. Jennifer this is a great article and can’t wait to read the follow up. Keep it up


    1. Thanks Amy! Yeah. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that people will believe whatever the heck they want to believe. Too few are interested in the truth just because it’s true. Last week I ran into someone who thinks the earth is flat. Not even joking. At some point, I think we have to stop trying to reason with the crazy and just laugh at them.


  4. Keep up the good work Jennifer! Maybe you’ll start a revolution in honest and unbiased reporting. Thanks for all your hard work and thank you to Anonymous for trusting you. 👍🏻


  5. What an interesting little series you have going here! Thanks for sharing. I hope they are guarding the Sam Houston monument!!


  6. Texans its worse than the statues!! I found this yesterday! We really are in dangerous times.. Please make sure your neighbors are aware in ANY republican leaning town! After I read this I truly became scared for real…. I know we could win any battle. I KNOW that. but THIS? THIS? antifa is the AMERICAN ISIS! so . how do we fight this kind of thing! this is from antifa their plans for our pets! and they name some Texas towns but its clear they have others in mind as well!


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