Texas Lawmakers Recall Shooting at Congressional Baseball Game Practice

Several Texas lawmakers were present during a shooting yesterday that resulted in the death of the gunman and the serious injury of Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The Republican practice game included U.S. Reps Kevin Brady, Mike Conaway, Joe Barton and Roger Williams. The team was preparing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, a charity event between Democrats and Republicans.


Mike Conaway posted on Facebook, “This morning, a gunman opened fire at the GOP’s 2017 congressional Baseball Game for Charity practice. I am unharmed, but others, including Majority Whip Scalise, were shot. Please keep them in your prayers today.”

This afternoon, Congressman Joe Barton and U.S. Representative Mike Doyle together announced that despite today’s harrowing events, the charity baseball game would go on as planned.

Roger Williams released a statement, saying in part, “Please keep the members of my staff and all members of the congressional baseball team in your prayers during this extremely difficult time.”

Congressman Joe Barton had is son with him, and the 10 year old boy witnessed the entire shooting unfold from beneath an SUV where he took cover.

Brady, who’d left practice moments before the shooting began, released a statement commending law enforcement officials for their swift action and offering thoughts and prayers for Scalise and the others who were injured.

“The quick action of Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s protection detail saved many lives this morning,” Brady said. “I am so grateful for the heroic action of the Capitol Hill Police Force protection detail and pray for the full recovery of my roommate Congressman Steve Scalise and others wounded this morning.”

Today, Mike Conaway posted a heartfelt tribute on his Facebook Page:

I have played in The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity every year since I came to Congress, and it has become one of my favorite traditions. The camaraderie we feel as players transcends party, as we live out our childhood dreams of playing on a major league field.

Tonight, the game will go on. We will play the game we love in honor of Congressman Steve Scalise, Matt Mika, Zach Barth, Special Agent Crystal Griner, and Special Agent David Bailey. We will remain thankful for the heroic actions of Special Agents Griner and Bailey, as well as the other officers who arrived to our aid quickly, without whom the events of yesterday might have turned drastically worse.

Tonight, we will stand together on the field, united in our love for this country.

It’s time to play ball.

Read More at The Woodlands Patch

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