How To Pick & Place Art In Your Home, According to Art Of The World

With over 20 years of experience collecting, curating, and educating about art, Art of the World Gallery specializes in modern, postwar, and contemporary creations. Located in Houston near the intersection of Wertheimer and S. Shepherd, the gallery is housed in a minimalistic industrial space thats clean lines and muted colors make every art piece pop. From abstract paintings to hyper-realistic sculptures, Art Of The World is a beautiful haven and resource for the art lover.

Art of the World Gallery in Houston, Texas
Art of the World Gallery in Houston, Texas

“We strongly believe that choosing the pieces with diligence and careful consideration has a positive impact on the space for which they are designed.”
— Liliana Molina and Mauricio Vallejo

In order to help us understand how to choose the right art piece and showcase it tastefully in our homes, Art Of The World graciously sat down with us to chat about art, home decor, and the magic of color. Here is our interview:

I recently moved into a new home, and the walls are blank canvases. It’s surprisingly hard to figure out where to hang what. As a general rule of thumb, how big should a painting or work of art be in proportion to the wall?

Interior design must be accounted for when installing art. The surrounding details such as coffee tables, lamps, plants etc. will affect the way in which the work of art is analyzed by the viewer. Art should never be forced into a space that is saturated with decoration. The size of the piece depends on the surrounding elements.

Art of the World
An abstract painting by Oswaldo Vigas at Art of the World

And what about color? If I want to tie a room together with a theme color, is it best to pick an art piece that features that color boldly, or maybe just a splash of it?

Selecting a piece for a room is all relevant, the design of the room and personal taste must be taken into consideration. Typically, a work of art is meant to stand out and be unique, meant to radiate a particular energy. Picking a piece that features the thematic color is always smart. A discrete presence of the color has all the potential to be the minor detail, yet the most important one that ties the room together.

Art of the World
A Fernando Botero illustration at Art Of The World

A lot of my friends were very excited about Ron Mueck’s hyper-realistic human sculpture exhibit at MFAH. You’ve got a couple artists though who make hyper-realistic life-sized sculptures as well. Tell me about Marc Sijan and Carole Feuerman?

Marc Sijan and Carole Feuerman are two spectacular artists who just as Ron Mueck, capture the hyper realistic essence in their own technique. Marc Sijan worked alongside Duane Hanson, master of hyper realism, this is where he extracted the artistic inspiration to imitate the beautiful flaws of humans, making his work of art look as real as possible. With Carole Feuerman, her focus is on the beauty and serene impression of the human. These three artists are all masters in their craft, however, execute their art with unique techniques, setting them apart from one another within the same genre.

Art of the World
A stunning Carole Feuerman hyper-realism sculpture at Art of the World.

And you’ve got a variety of other sculptors too, from pop art to more classic genres. How does one pick a sculpture for their home? What would you say is the most important thing? 

Picking a sculpture for your home can be as difficult or easy as you want to make it. You could set out to select a sculpture that simply fits well with the room and or garden; something that will flow, or, preferably, a work of art that speaks to you. The most important thing is to make sure that you select a piece that will bring joy to your home, that you fell in love with from the moment you saw it in the gallery.

Art of the World Jiménez Deredia Sculture Bronze
A Jiménez Deredia Sculture of Bronze

Is it OK to mix art styles in one room? For example, an Auguste Rodin sculpture next to an Oscar Saborio texture painting, or a Latin American Carlos Luna painting over a Victorian settee? What are some things to consider?

When mixing styles and genres of art in a setting such as a home; the interior design dictates whether the blend of genres will tastefully be executed. Pairing art is something that requires much thought, however, art is always whatever you want it to be. Art is a form of expression and reflection. If a person wants to set a Robert Indiana sculpture next to a Javier Marin sculpture, in front of an Oscar Saborio, so be it. Art should strike an emotion and experience. You decide the experience and emotion you want to provoke with the blend.

2201 Westheimer Road. Houston, Texas 77098
Phone: +1 713-526-1201
Hours: Monday – Saturday / 10:00AM – 7:00PM

Art of the World
Art Of The World Gallery in Houston, Texas

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