60K Square Foot Houston Mansion to Become Home for High Risk Veterans

You’ve probably heard about the crazy huge, 60,000 square foot house in Manvel, near Pearland, with 55 bedrooms and around 30 bathrooms, that’s up for sale for $3,500,000. If you haven’t, well, now you have. It’s ginormous. Needless to say the “home” appeals to a very niche market, and the owners haven’t had a ton of luck getting rid of it. Until now. This massive property is going to go to the absolutely best use imaginable: A home for high-risk veterans.

Earlier this year, the owners agreed to partner with 100% disabled Navy veteran, Christa Mode, to develop The Bailey House. Unfortunately, the mansion was never completely finished, so Christa has quite a bit of work ahead of her.

“I want to reach them before they have to lose everything and become a homeless vet,” Christa told the Houston Chronicle. “I want to reach them before they ever consider suicide as an option.”

And suicide rates among service members and veterans are staggering. According to the U.S. Defense Department, there were over 475 active duty and reserve suicides in 2015 alone. And once their service is over, veterans account for nearly 20% of adult suicides.

Christa plans to call the home, The Bailey House, after George Bailey, the lead character in It’s A Wonderful Life. In fact, Christa encourages anyone contemplating suicide to watch that nostalgic film, as it presents a positive perspective on how all people lead meaningful and valuable lives even if we can’t see it ourselves.

Christa has partnered with Houston real estate mogul, Jim Youngbook, who also owns property near the Veterans Affairs Hospital. They will use that property to host drop-in peer support groups which will be conveniently available to hospital patients.


“I will have living space available, but for the most part it’s going to be peer-to-peer mentorship,” Christa explains of The Bailey House. She plans to provide a broad assortment of programs, including Christian and non-religious,  tackling issues from PTSD and depression to helping survivors of sexual assault trauma. “Rape happens in the military more than anybody cares to admit.”
Depending on financial donations and construction progress, The Bailey House has yet to set an opening date. However, when renovations are complete they will be able to house as many as 200 veterans and provide the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical support our heroes deserve.

Keep up with Christa’s team and their work on Facebook as they renovate and coordinate The Bailey House.

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