Senate Bill 112 Protects Texas History, Hat-Tips Anonymous

After the Texas Heroes Act floundered in the House, a new bill has been introduced in the Senate. Not only does Texas Senate Bill 112 aim to protect historical monuments throughout the Lone Star State, but our very own Anonymous contact, Sam, has been named as impetus.

“This legislation is necessary as shown by recent attempts across the state to remove valuable pieces of history from the public,” Senator Creighton’s representative explained in a press release. “A rally occurred in Hermann Park in Houston earlier this year regarding the removal of the Sam Houston statue. Sam Houston is the namesake of the City of Houston and one of Texas’ most important founding fathers.

Just this week, San Antonio  Councilmen proposed the relocation of a historic confederate statue in Travis Park.

“We should not delete evidence of our past to comply with current political correctness.” — Senator Brandon Creighton

If passed into law, Senate Bill 112 will prevent any historical monument or structure that has existed on public grounds for over 40 years from being removed, altered, or renamed. This includes permanent monuments, memorials, or other designation, including statues, portraits, plaques, seals, symbols, building names, bridge names,
park names, area names, and street names, that are located on state property or honor an event or person of historic significance.

“I believe Texas monuments should be a way to learn about the history of the Lone Star State,” concluded Senator Creighton. “We should not delete evidence of our past to comply with current political correctness. These monuments are a great way to learn and teach future generations as parents see fit.”

Senator Brandon Creighton represents Senate District 4, which encompasses Chambers, Jefferson and parts of Montgomery, Harris and Galveston Counties.

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