How To Get Tornado Warning Alerts On Your Phone (Android + iPhone)

A number of people have asked me how to get tornado warning alerts on their phones, as well as view maps of tornado locations and projected paths.

To get basic text alerts on Android, go to your Text Messaging app (NOT the Settings app, which confused me for like an hour), click the three vertical dots in the top right corner, click “Settings,” and click “Emergency Alert Settings.” For some reason mine weren’t working, but turning them off and back on again got them coming again.

To get basic text alerts on iPhone, click open the Settings app, click Notification Center and scroll all the way to the bottom. Under the Government Alerts section, click the AMBER Alerts and Government Alerts options on. Like I said above, if they’re already on but you’re not getting anything, try clicking them off and back on again.

If all else fails, enlist a reliable and nearby friend to text you any time they receive an alert. I had to do this during the beginning of Hurricane Harvey because my reception was sketchy at best and I had no internet for a whole day.

For more in-depth info (because when you’re in a Tornado Warning, it’s nice to know where the d*** thing is) here’s what I use:

WeatherBug for Android

WeatherBug for iPhone

No, this isn’t a sponsored article. No, I’m not getting kickbacks. (Unless they can make the rain stop. WeatherBug, if you’re reading this and can make the rain stop, hop to it). This is legitimately helpful and free product that I actually use.

You’ll be able to see maps, like this one (below), showing four tornadoes on the ground in the Greater Houston area during Hurricane Harvey. Fun times! But, I’d rather know more information than less when it comes to keeping my kids safe.  The app also shows flash flood warnings, flooded areas, lighting strike maps, hail, and a whole host of other weather information.

The four red squares near Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, and Pasadena show Tornadoes on the ground:

WeatherBug, a free app that provides emergency alerts and tornado warning locations and projected paths.


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