Houston Traffic Cams Capture Devastating Harvey Flooding Photos

Already devastated by Harvey flooding, Houston continues to be deluged. We are currently in Day Two of a seemingly endless forecast of rain precipitating from Hurricane Harvey. Tornadoes are an almost hourly occurrence, and over 15 feet of water rolls over some areas that were bone dry just a week ago. Trees are falling and sinkholes have began forming. Streets have started to collapse as flood waters saturate the ground and bore the soil out from beneath roadways.

While Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner warns that we could see 4 or 5 more days of rain, some weather apps and meteorologists are predicting upwards of 10. The Weather Channel warns we could see 50″ of rain by later this week, bringing Harvey flooding well past record levels. While Governor Abbott recommended Houstonians evacuate shortly before the storm, Mayor Turner is taking some shade for recommending everyone stay put. He was apparently trying to avoid a panic in addition to the godawful traffic crisis we experienced during Katrina.

Now, over 316,000 residents have lost power, Hobby Airport is closed, Ben Taub Hospital was evacuated, and KHOU is off the air due to the station becoming inundated with water. Meanwhile, Houston Transtar Traffic Cams have been cataloging Harvey flooding throughout the enormous area of Greater Houston.  Below is our Facebook post showcasing some of the most stunning images.


Read our article about filing flood insurance claims.

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