List of NW Houston Flooded Areas via Harris County Constable Precinct 5

via Harris County Constable Precinct 5 —  Previously, we published a catalog of Flooding Safety Tips and How To Get Tornado Warning Alerts on Your Android or iPhone. The following is a list of locations experiencing high water:

    • 15600 Boulder Oaks 06:45
    • Kingsland east of Dominion
    • S Mason at Merrymount
    • 4503 Hickory Downs (Sta 2) 06:36
    • Rustic Lake, Logenbaugh between Fry and Greenhouse 06:44
    • Clay rd WB  between eldridge and hwy 6
    • Morton RD EB from Elrod rd to mason high water
    • 12200 Briar Forest
    • 800 Pinsesap dr
    • Pine Mtn at Thistlecroft
    • 15500 Pine Mountain
    • I 10 at Memorial
    • 14200 Clay rd
    • 8011 Beverly Hill
    • Katy at Greenhouse
    • 1600 Baker Cypress
    • Hickory downs at carin way
    • Logenbaugh at Greenhouse
    • Dairy Ashford at Briar Forest
    • West Rd at Greenhouse
    • 45 Spring Hill
    • Kimberly to I 10 service rd
    • Fry at Saums at 21:35
    • 14700 kimberly at 21:45
    • 8800 S Braeswood at 21:57
    • Fry at Logenbaugh at 22:00
    • W Bellfort at Willowbend at 22:16
    • Dairy Ashford at Whittington at 22:19
    • Barkers Cypress at Saums at 22:30
    • Chimney rock at gasmer at 22:35
    • W ray at Gessner  at 22:36
    • West ray entrance flooded to neighbrhd
    • 9900 Fry rd. 23:20
    • Clay rd/ Katy Hockley cut off 23:20
    • N eldridge @ FM 529
    • Eldridge at memorial
    • Katy FW @ Westgreen
    • Longenbauh at barker cypress WB
    • SB sh 6 at pine forest and Patterson at 01:27
    • Dairy Ashford @ Memorial
    • Barker Cypress at Park row
    • Sam Houston TW NB at Bellaire
    • W Sam Houston TW @ Katy Fw
    • Westpark @ Post Oak TW
    • Fm 529 at 99 at 0620
    • I10 @ Beltway to Westheimer frontage rd is Flooded but Mainlanes are good.
    • S Mason rd Covered Provincial to Kingsland
    • Red Rock Canyon @ Hidden Canyon
    • 5100 Pine Cliff
    • Clay Rd @ Beltway Unpassable


    • Clay rd btwn Hickory Downs and N Eldridge
    • Fry rd S of Kingsland
    • Williamsburg colony neighborhood streets
    • 700 Thornbranch
    • Fry @ Kingsland
    • 700 S. Fry

To check current Texas Highway Conditions, click here.

2 thoughts on “List of NW Houston Flooded Areas via Harris County Constable Precinct 5

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  1. If the roads are open tomorrow, I have to be at work. I have searched and searched, and I cannot find a simple way to determine what intersections and bridges are flooded between my house and my work, 8 miles away. I type into search engines, and get flood footage from drones, with no street address identified, I find static flood maps that don’t reflect current conditions, and I get “news magazine” footage that shows scary footage of flooding in areas only vaguely described, or from years gone by..

    Is there any way online for someone to find out what critical bridges are flooded without having to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Department? I thought that was what the internet was for. Rather than provide raw information, all I get is entertainment news “Look at the High Water!”


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