Harvey: When Will The Rain STOP? Forecast of 5-18 More Inches

The question on every Texan’s mind right now is, “When will the Harvey stop?” Seriously, beyond the abject horror and devastation of the record level flooding as we watch it destroy homes, businesses, and lives, is the monotonous and unrelenting pound of 9 trillion gallons of rain being dumped on your community.

You’d think Harvey would have run out of rain by now. Nevertheless, meteorologists are predicting another 5 to 18 inches to fall on the Greater Houston area. Keep in mind, all that water that falls north of us, is going to flow down, through Houston, and into Galveston bay. Yeah.

And all this is supposed to happen through Friday.

Rainfall Outlook

But there’s an end in sight … hopefully.

Projected Path

If this graphic is accurate, Harvey is going to move northeast through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. By Saturday, Harvey will be gone.

It may well be that we need hold out until Thursday, and then we may see an end to this drowning rain.

More information can be found here: https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/tropical-storm-hurricane-harvey-rain-flood-forecast-texas-louisiana

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