UPDATED: Texas Map of Shelters & Distribution Centers for Flood Evacuees

(UPDATED 9/1/17) We are working to create a map listing all the flooding evacuee shelters and distribution centers Texas state wide. It is our hope that this will help you can find a safe place to sleep, eat, shower, and find food and provisions … or volunteer and donate!

Blue Shelters are Open Shelters.
Pink Shelters have been confirmed as Pet Friendly.
Camo Green are Military Shelters.
Red Shelters are At Capacity / Full.

Purple Locations are Distribution Centers where you can find food, water, clothing, and other necessities.

Please call ahead and double check details of all locations. As needs arise and shelters reach capacity, their details and locations may change and we may not be notified.

We are doing are best to keep on top of updating our database, but frankly, things are developing very quickly. So, we need your help! Should you learn new information about any of these locations, or if you know of additional shelters or distribution centers, please email us so that we can update our map and share your information with others. Thank you for your help, and God bless.

Open the Texas Shelter Map in a new tab.

For more information, check out our Hurricane Recovery Information Kit.

Hurricane Recovery How To Articles:


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