Updated 9/13: Texas Map of Flooded Roads

As flooding from Hurricane Harvey continues to subside, many streets – and even entire neighborhoods – are still flooded under several feet of stagnant water. Below is a Texas map of flooded roads courtesy of Google Crisis Response.

This article was last updated: 9/13/2017 @ 1:25 PM.

Current Houston Road Closures:

  • Beltway 8-North Eastbound Exit Ramp to John F Kennedy Blvd (Closed through Oct. 2)
  • Beltway 8-North Westbound Exit Ramp to Aldine Westfield Road (Closed through Sept. 11)
  • IH-610 South Loop Eastbound Connector Ramp to IH-45 (Closed through Dec. 31)
  • South Sam Houston Tollway Eastbound at Pearland Parkway (Closed through Sept. 16)
  • FM-762 Southbound Between IH-69 to FM-2977 (Closed indefinitely)
  • FM-762 Northbound Between IH-69 to FM-2977 (Closed indefinitely)

Current Houston Flooded Roads:

  • SH-6 Southbound at Clay Road to IH-10 Katy – All Lanes Flooded
  • SH-6 Northbound at IH-10 Katy to Clay Road – All Lanes Flooded
  • SH-6 Southbound At Memorial Drive to Richmond – All Lanes Flooded
  • IH-10 EAST Westbound At MONMOUTH DR – U-Turn Flooded
  • H-10 EAST Eastbound At MONMOUTH DR – Exit Ramp Flooded
  • IH-69 Southbound At BRAZOS RIVER – Frontage Road U-Turn Flooded

The Google Map below is a map of flooded roads throughout Texas and Louisiana, and is updated continually by Google Crisis Response. Zoom in to see details of Houston, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont area Hurricane Harvey road closures.


If you are a Hurricane Harvey survivor in need of FEMA aid, Disaster Unemployment, or instructions of filing for Disaster Relief, Insurance Claims, new Birth Certificate / Driver’s License / SS card, etc. please check out our Hurricane Recovery Information Kit. We’re working hard to compile all the information and links you need in one place so you can get help quickly and easily with as little hassle as possible. Click here to view our Hurricane Recovery Kit.

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